Thursday, 5 March 2015

Knickers Draft and Version One. And some thoughts on Plans Getting Out of Control

lacy front seld-drafted knickers today

I was on and off both the studio and the blog lately. It was interesting, but a bit off the plan. Again. I have never been too much on the planing side of life. I always allow and enjoy some unexpected fun. With a lot of time off the plans and completely outside the schedules lately, however, I start to think plans are just an anchor to smile at when it is almost out of reach. To keep planning and forget how many things get delayed is sometimes a blessing. I tend to forget this /the out of control parts/ the minute I am out my working hours. I may plan new things on a walk but get very careful not to think over what went wrong on a walk. And I mean the exact "Keep Calm and Carry and Dream On" strategy. It works. And it is essential when you balance between working on orders, creative process, business planning, family and getting some "normal" life in between.

Back to the things happening here. I drafted and sewed a new style of knickers today. This style was on my mind for a week or so and I wanted to play with lace to piece panties for even longer.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mini Doll Bear in Checks for a Little Man

mini bear doll in checks
This is a very special doll for me. I decided to make one for my kid just after the "get seated" moment to make a doll for the stroller. I choose the pattern and fabrics and started sewing. Than the nose part put the project on hold and it was hibernating for a year or more. When I finally finished it, the kid was playing with so many other toys and we had stopped using the stroller so long ago, it was never a play doll. It was a hugging doll instead.

So when I was thinking what to give a little man this winter, I tough of this bear again, as I know how hug-gable it could be, despite the size and shape. And here it came. checks again and a bit stronger colours too. I hope it will be loved a lot.

The #1 bear is still loved.I have a few bear dolls cut and semi assembled, I think I need to finished them all.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Marlborough Bra Again - Same Fabric, New Changes for Better Fit

I have sewn four Marlborough bras in a couple of months right after getting the Orange Lingerie bra pattern. Skipping the first off size one, it is three good and wearable bras that get used frequently. All of them feature different finishes on some parts and I am happy with each variation. Now as I have a few more cut, I though I would better show you the forth bra sewn long time ago - autumn 2014 - and share a few quick changes that might improve the fit in some cases, I think /sewing and adding air quicker by eliminating linings, keeping straps on the shoulders by adding lace and bringing the closure higher by mere doubling it/ .

Monday, 23 February 2015

Fuchsia Love - Lingerie in Pink and Fuchsia in February

I was surrounded but fuchsia fabrics, laces and threads last week and I managed to bring some more fuchsia things home today. I am not really a pink girl, but i definitely adore colour and fuchsia is an adorable colour for sure. So while I am waiting for the pale elegant fabrics I saved for the spring and the vivid, vibrant ones I accumulating for the summer, hot pink and fuchsia bridge the seasons here. I doubt fuchsia or red could be too much ever. The energy, the joke and smile they bring are so refreshing.

sewing fuchsia undies, low rise knickers sewing

Monday, 9 February 2015

Sunday Stash on a Monday - Red in Checks and Wine Lace

I just can't stand its beauty, so here it is - some lingerie-to-be in a single-piece-fabric form
I fell in love with these little squares the moment I saw them. I love the versatility they have - traditional or modern, crisp or cheerful - they can match every style you want them to.

Red checks cotton tricot and matching wine lace for next lingerie project

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fabrics of All Sorts... Quilty and Lingerie

This week I was palying with soft and vivid colours - cotton wovens for patchwork and cotton knits for lingerie.

I took a quick picture, of Friday orders - the fat quarter bundles in it are named Spring Flowers and Hyacinths. The snow we just saw on Saturday morning /it was quickly almost all gone in a few hours/ was a gift in a snow-less, yet, winter. But I am waiting for the flowers spring will bring and counting orchids buds every week.

Friday, 6 February 2015

January Flowers - Hibiscus Flowers

Flowers made my lingerie days in January even brighter. A hibiscus flowered in January for the first time from many years. This one is really special as they are two. It is a combo pot - soft orange and deep red ones share the same pot. I noticed this in the shop and just had to buy them. This happened 4 years ago. I kept it really snug in this very pot it received day I brought it home for the whole time and it flowers every summer on the balcony. But it usually skips winters in its flowering schedule.