Monday, 26 January 2015

Sunday Stash /on a Monday again/ - Denim and Cotton Velvet

The latest additions to my denim stash, enterred the collection last week.
new denim /and alikes - velvet/ additon to my stash

I love the blues, and the fades, the "washes" the wearing adds to denim fabric. Sewing denim and jeans is a relatively new love of mine. It suffers my lingerie obsession now but I will be back on heavy fabric sewing in a month or so to get ready for spring here.

The bottom one is the soft cotton velvet I sewed a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to get enough of it.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Drawing Lingerie - Panties Styles and Progress

That is what I do a lot lately. Drawings, drafting, redrafting and redrawing... I have tried some styles and I think I have my favorites already. The "try this too" list is growing too, so I had some time drawing yesterday.

Here is the drawing with some colour added so the various styles panties I have sewn can be recognized:
I though of adding colour as a colour book fun. I even made the back of prints a bit lighter.

Drawing helped me realize once again the numerous posibilities of styles and lines mixing. And there is no colour or lace added yet when we count variation. Just leg openings, back and waist cuts make a whole lot of variety!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sewing Cotton Velvet

Do you emember these fabrics? They are both ready and I promised to show them both. So I will do it now. Partly. I think, I have too many lingerie posts here in such a short period. I love it though as it is historically true and because I enjoy it, you know. And I am drawing and sewing even more. Lingerie will be back on the blog tomorrow. Just after I test some of the new fabrics.

So here is the velvet project itself. Crotch seames, as you may expect in torusers and I am affraid, I can not show you more yet.

sewing cotton velvet

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Lace is Going Red!

Last year I bought some red lace while buying black one for a project. It was beautiful and I thought adding  something red would be a beautiful start of my lingerie sewing. So the red ones shown here were sewn. They are still on the wait for a matching bra by the way. Although I cut the lace and everything for it promptly /I was so enthusiastic/, it would be faster if waited for completing the toile first. However with Feb 14th approaching, red seems good for the next project.

So I bought some more reds - lace, Tricot, mesh... all different shades, most are different weights too. 

red lingerie fabrics and laces on my sewing table

I played with some of them today and I hope I will have something finished tomorrow. I have had some of these for a day, so new ideas come every hour or so... Love how they look together:

Lingerie Sewing Time: High Waist Panties Version #3

Here is version three of my self drafted high waist princess seam panties, I mentioned here and here.
They feature contour back and comfy front with a little gathering and structuring seams.

high waist panties for an expecting mum
As you might have already guessed - they are for an expecting mum.

No details and lace here. It was the comfort and shape was interested me at this stage. See front and back bellow.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Sunday Stash: Denim, Wool and Lace

On a Monday again, fabrics for clothes again - denim, wool and lace. I am looking forward to sewing them and just piling for now.

Sunday stash - denim, wool and lace

All impulsive buys, all stashed for now. Bought them last week but they will not see my sewing machine in a couple of week or so. I call "impulsive buy"anything that will not be cut and sewn in a week after purchase. I know what I bought them for, but not when this will happen. Better than keeping it imaginary.

Since it is a Monday already, I am piling this week stash too. It is going really fast... So is my sewing to-do list.

See you tomorrow with the pink reveal from this table.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Side Table Love

Most of my projects start here - on the side table. The fabrics and the notions stop on it first.
Here are the fabrics for the two of the things I did last week. Two colour, two fabrics, some cones and some scissors. The disposable cup extravaganza is one this just "for the next 10 minutes" solutions that last much longer. I like the fact I can see through it and drop it with silently and safely. It lives there now.
the start of a project - two of them here actually

This very start of project is inspiring to me. And it makes things so crisp as a process. Everything is straightforward and easy at this stage, all the options - open.