Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Welcome Autumn! End of Blog Vacation!

The Black Sea sunny watres - August, Varna, Bulgaria
Three months off-the-blog have passed. The summer is over and the first cold day is today. The summer pictures, full of sunlight and vibrant colours will make up for the grey day otside.

I took a look at the publishing dates of the summer post here and not only they see a few, but just one or two a month, well, I know - no posts for August at all. So, the "Christmas in July" sale in the shop is still there - last days of early Christmas there. Hurry if you like an Christmas quilt checked on on your "to-do" list in October.

So here I am back on the blog, starting the holiday season in the studio and the blog seasons on the blog.

The studio is in transition to its new organization now and I still have bits of many things waiting for their new places. The cold days and poor light proved to be the perfect moment to disassemble and reassemble the shelves, and the boxes, and the piles, and the lists...  The lastest sewing project took place last week and the next one is tomorrow. Hopefully!

See you tomorrow with more September errands! Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Welcome, July! Christmas in July Quilts Sale!

I can't believe how quickly this year is going. It seems January storms were last week... and we have glorious sun again. And dolphins are coming to say hello in the sunny waters again! I show them on Instagram - such happy moments!

One of the best things about July, not mentioning the beach and the flowers, is the Christmas in July idea. Being a gift and gift-wrapping-addict myself, anything mentioning gifts and Christmas feels like magic.

So the shop is celebrating this with a huge sale! Some of the most intricate quilts there are 50% off now to celebrate Christmas in July. See them all in the shop.

All the quilts are made to order. It will take approximately 7-10 business day to get a quilt complete.  

Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Flower Garden

June is about flowers! The month of the poppies, the larkspurs, the flowers in the feilds and just next to the roads... It is almost gone and I can kind of make up for this with some May pictures of a lovely iris garden, I think.

So here they are - a great collection of irises:

the iris garden

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Something Red - Lace and Cotton Lingerie Set

Adding lingerie to the favorite reds


This is what I am doing today. My first set of red lingerie, on my birthday. It's vivid, but not bold. It is strong, but not harsh and I love it. It is really special because I have a thing with reds. I have always had a dress, a coat, a pair of shoes and a bag in red. Well, and a wallet. No, I do not wear them all together, but I love red. Although is not my favorite colour. It just grows with me and I add something red to my life as it goes.

The colour thing

A couple of years ago /or so/ I bought my first red lipstick. It was the soft red, you can't resist loving - pure red with a hint of white, just enough to soften it and make it delicately shining /and I don't mean glitter or gloss - just the colour/.The lipstick has expired. I have replaced it with another /different shade, different make, next generation etc./, but colours have special life of theirs. I have the same colour on my nails now - just like my first red lipstick.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Waiting for the Summer

It was a busy month and an interesting one too.

I was sewing lingerie - knickers and bras, enjoyed my little flower garden blooming and doing lots and lots of different things in a same day almost every day, including making new patterns. Some are being tested now.

I am still looking for the perfect light to take some /probably hundreds/ of pictures. I will have some great news than.

I have lots of pictures to share too - some traveling, including this lovely garden:

Iris garden visit

I wish I had the time to share them now. So stay tuned for more flowers this week - the garden was lovely!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Favorite Knickers So Far

When I started sewing lingerie last year, the very first tries were free patterns available online. I followed what I learned when I was taught to draw many years ago - you first do simple things and make copies of what you see /still-lives, models, landscapes/ or actual painting and start drawing what you see in you head on a later stage. So I did it with knickers. Bras were completely different story and I will keep it for later. This doesn't mean I left patterns unaltered along the way. I think there is no single one in its original shape - some things just have to be made your way and knickers are obviously such things.

The two main things with knickers/apart from material and details/ is the invisible seams and rims. That is why I quickly transformed the high-waist-ed knickers I loved in cold weather into natural waist rise version. The high-wasted version was one of my first lingerie patterns and great fit but summer is coming. The lack of side seams makes the magic - no visible seams. The beautiful bonus is, two different fabrics can be used. So I mimicked the ones used in the bras, to make matching sets. Ideas are flowing and I don't even sketch them now... Back to sewing tomorrow! I just bough new lighter weight

fabric for the summer knickers.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spring Weddings - Something Blue Wedding Rings Cushion

With May around the corner, it is high time to get ready for a spring wedding with something blue everyone could see.

something blue wedding rings cushion
I am still taking pictures of it. Other colours -  in progress now. Will be in the shop later this week.