Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pre Christmas Pictures - Pincushions Finally Shot

It is almost Christmas here - boxes and bows everywhere and conquerring tables and the ironing table too.....
I am playing hide-and-seek with the light lately. It is dark and I need some minutes a day to take pictures.

Here are some I managed to take yesterday. Love the colour and the light in the tissue. Enjoying light these days! Pincushions time! Pincushions in origami boxes. Pincushions that sometimes carry wedding rings. Love how ingenious some people are. Ii did not even think about it myself but my customers do.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hello early autumn

I think, winter comes after autumn and autumn comes after the Indian summer.
I think, Indian summer usually starts here at late October but tippically start of November.
I know I am right about these.

And I know it's been five days in a row, I am wearing socks...
This is something strange for a pre-Indiand summer! And at 2C it is OK to wear socks...
So I will just dream for the next day I will be wearing no socks again and Indian summer will come. Just like a week ago...

early autumn and almost bare feet

I love autumn actually. I love the colours, the smell, the chills, but only morning ones and they just have to be followed by sunny warm days... And I miss the sun now...

I took lots and lots, and loads... of pictures during this last week. You know what? Most were not as good as I needed them, and it was OK actually. Little light does this. I did tries some adventurous things to ketch light though...

I need to make some jeans now, and I did start a new bra today! Hopefully it will be an improved version of this bra Also finished the pincushions. They are in the shop now.

Come back tomorrow for some owly, pincushiony pictures.
I am so tired, I really have to go to bed now... or I will risk waking up at noon...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sunday Mail

I have got a letter this weekend. I did not expect it and it feels a bit strange now. I should have expected it...

It is my member card and pin for Modern Quilt Guild. So I have them now an the membership got a tangible aspect too.
Modern Quilt Guild letter

I wish, I had more time for quilting these days... Soon!

This week started so odd, I keep repeating, things get really well after many ruined plans.

Well, I have some pincushions to play with tomorrow and a new pattern to tweak today, so things might getter better sooner than expected.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

White Christmas Mini Dolls Collection

It is preChristmas time and Christmas decoration is going into my shop.

White Christmas collection - owls
I have these little dolls ready for a while waiting for holiday season. Yes, summer is the perfect time to get ready for Christmas. I remember finding the May mitts in Elizabeth Zimmerman's book of projects. May, she wrote, is the perfect time to start Christmas gifts knitting. Brilliant!

With them around, making pictures of them ... I forgot to show them on the blog. So here they are!
White Christmas collection - little trees

Owls are something I keep creating for years - so cute, so little, so heart-melting! Making them almost all-over white was a Christmas thing.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: Marlborough Bra

Bra time - my first bra is done! It is Marlborough bra and I will share some thoughts on it with you. I searched and read about it a bit before getting it. So I suppose sharing my thought may help someone else in return.

Marlborough bra completed
This spring I decided it was high time I sewed some lingerie for me. So I added some panties to my to do list and even sewed some. But the real important thing was sewing bras. I tend to find one for me harder that its is supposed to be. I am not too picky actually - I like cut and sew cups and since I live in Europe these are available. I like good quality fabrics and since we have a really good local producer this one is easy too. The hard things - sizing and colour. I could get my size or my colours but it is almost impossible to get them both in a single bra. I was looking for a nude colour one this spring and no-match in early spring....At the very start of sheer clothes season!.... So back to the bra!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Autumn Walks by the Flowers - Violas in the Garden /a Week Ago/

Autumn is very beautiful here. It comes later than expected, delayed by the traditional Indian summer. The first signs of autumn ca be seen in the flower beds by the sea. The morning chills take just a few hours but the summer flowers are replaced because they can not stand them. Welcome violas! Good buy summer flowers!
the violas medalion

Flower Pincushions in the Making on My Table

I spent some time organizing my checked fabrics yesterday and I kept seeing pincushions hidden in these fabric pieces. It is pincushion time for me - making them for Christmas presents

So I cut a few squares and a pincushion sewing session was started.

flower pincushion makinng - ready for making the petals