Thursday, 18 September 2014

More Rodin and More Old Palace Details

Behind the door,  Rodin exhibition was unexpected in the gentle way it introduced some of Rodin's endeavors - assemblage, antique style details, process marks and more. A few texts on the walls and a film projection in a little hall just behind the main exposition halls made the feel of the studio almost tangible.

I was impressed by the interior - empty and eclectic

Among all little figures, I was drawn by the Meditation figure.

Meditation by Rodin - leg missing

It looked like levitation at first and proved to be a version with no legs. Thus exploring the impact of "unfinished" figures - ones with missing parts. The Meditation /with legs/ figure did look more common and less interesting next to it.

Meditation by Rodin - with both legs

The assemblage method - I think of it like LEGO process  /assembling feet, legs, torsos, arms, head... etc/ looked so interesting too.  Its variation - taking out just an element - a foot, hand or leg - makes a statement of its own. Loved this idea.
Rodins- assemblage method
The center of the exhbition was the Thinker - expected, seen on pictures and still very impressive:
The Thinker by Rodin
The central hall of the exibition with the Walking man
You can see the Walking man on the picture above. His foot was a sculpture of its own in another hall. Sadly, I had to save my camera battery and did not take a picture of it.
Rodins' Thinker - back
The Thinker's back and the Palace special detail above it.

And I admired some more details. The lovely table and the gentle grey on the walls:
The percfect grey minimalism in a Palace
The glass and the gymsum Rodin worked with:
gypsum and white glass

more spare parts
Plus a different angle and a glimpse of the Walking man's foot.

And finally the entrance, the staircase and some other little details - all behind the walls containing Rodin's work. I will show them shortly in a separate post, as this one is quite long already.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rodin in Sofia - The Thinker and the Former Palace

My stay in Sofia last week was planned a month earlier, but a month so busy I didn't really had the energy to plan more than a few stops, write their names and addresses and put the list in my handbag just before leaving home. And I completely forgot about the Rodin exhibition!

I am not the greatest fan of Rodin, and honestly, I have always been drawn to painting and not so much to sculpture. It has something to do with my passion for colour. Still Matisse, Klimt and Rodin form a special trio in my mind and I was happy to see the poster on the gallery facade in my first early morning in Sofia. Looked like blessing and felt extra special frоm this very first moment. The crisp morning, the quit city, the mountain, the gardens and flowers and the anticipation of the exhibition, that was there for month, but I managed to get near it a few days before its close date...

The Thinker - the center of Rodin's exhibition
The Thinker was something I knew, I will see there. I did not know how it will look in the hall. All the process scars on its skin, all the artists' marks on the body and the toes! /love the in-progress look they have!/ and the perfect symmetry and rhythm on the hall walls decorations... They looked great together.

The poster at the entrance with the monarchy symbols on the door - His Majesty letters on it.They are written in Cyrillic "His" being written like "Негово". One could not tell it looking at the letters - its is coincidence actually.
exhibition entrance and the palace door

And here is the detail again:
Palace door detail
And the moment I was in a different exhibition - looking at the interaction between the place /the palace/ and the sculptures, and the stories on the walls - both written by the gallery and the ones conveyed by the time.

I will leave the door open in my blog now and come back tomorrow with the rest of the pictures of Rodin sculptures and some more palace details. I was too impressed by the duo not to take pictures of some odd things too. Not too many unfortunately, as I needed my camera battery for one more exhibition later the same day.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

City Spa - Rodin, Patchwork, Shopping and Laughter

If you think of the city gym shorts when you read "city spa", you are just like me - very happy with them and always appreciating a few hours of great fun. Well, it was more than a few hours and even more than a couple of days last week.

My city gym shorts traveled the country with me during my unexpected blog vacation.  I though of posting some short post every day with a picture or two/scheduling some ans squeezing others among my daily tasks. However my to do list was about to explode so I had to take a short blog break.

The best thing about the spa and the vacation was, the shorts were just a little, tiny part of the fun and joy I had. The spa included: Rodin, patchwork exhibition /and lovely people to meet too/, shopping /I won't count here how many things I saw and what I brought home - it was just right/, laughing with a special friend, new things to learn, great food to taste and a mountain peaking behind the buildings... a few days recharging for the new season.

Here is the glimpse of Rodin's exhibition. I know, it is only the hall, but isn't it fantastic?
The palace hall, where Roden extibion was presented
By the way, things got even more dynamic the following weekend with some driving and a trip to the nearest cape and the view of the vast, blue sea bellow it.The cape was just an extra treat actually as it was added bonus to another trip.

I was blessed with the perfect weather in both Sofia and cape Kaliakra and I had some pictures to share. I will do it as soon as I menage to get a decent dose of sleep this week.

Autumn cleaning, Christmas preparation and new school year keep me as busy as possible.

See you tomorrow with more pictures!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hello September!

I can't believe it is the start of September and the second chestnut week too. Chestnuts usually start falling mid September here. But I do like the roses flowering on the balcony and a nice evening rain plus some bonus wet hair. Both checked today! With all the extras - dark skies early in the evening, lightnings and thunders, peaceful rain to contrast the dramatic skies and lightnings...

rose on the balcony today
I have written lots of things today - mostly plans for fixing unexpected issues I have to manage tomorrow and I did finish the Watercolor Garden quilt hanging sleeve so I could send it in time for the annual national exhibition starting in a week.
  final inches of hand stitching
 I can't help sharing how much better a hot, hot /and I mean not only temperatures, but stress too/ September feels with the City Gym shorts. No, I am not using them "correctly"- just home office dress code, but a colorful one.

packing for Christmas ans the shop
I have a big bag of Christmas beauties ready for the shop. I just need to take some pictures of them and they will go to it. "Just"feels so relaxed in a busy day that feels every good light moment with every possible thing but taking pictures... Most likely they will be in the shop by end of the week. Love Christmas preparation!

I am not surprised, I had no time for the blog and the pictures in the camera lately. Just a minute to share the ones above.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Late summer thoughts in the heat of the city

Last week was the the first late summer rain week. I was told it will give the start of the the summer's end and it did sound odd, but the temperatures went down and the nights become cooler. A thing I do enjoy as it reminds me of the fresh mountain air and the crisp mornings by the pine trees.

I spend some time doodling and some time cutting pattern pieces for jeans #3 and a shirt. I also enjoyed the first batches of summer produce at home. Not grown here, but so yummy and adding colour and a bit of autumn smell to the kitchen. They convey autumn thoughts, I can't stop it.
summer fruits
Until today! It was a crazy day today. Crosssing half of the city with a big paper bag /empty most of the time/, printing new business cards and thank you cards, buying fabrics and sending orders...  in 35C + forced me to feel the summer is still here. Especially in the rare situation I carry no water with me and my sun hat is by the door at home... altought I spent hours in the syn. Then driving back in a car so "warmed" by the syn, the seat belt was hot. Fortunately I had some time in the studio - a no heat oasis in a day like today, cutting fabrics, packing orders, making bows and origami boxes.

The summer is still here and I like it! Hope you enjoy yours too!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My fabrics: colors and lady bugs today

I have been "painting"my fabric designs today - some colour exploration, some tweeking on a design and new designs on the way

fresh colours palette

Here are the new low contrast version of the lady bugs pattern. And a little more modern more modern version with orange lady bugs and violet leaves. Here is the original version's swatch:
lady bugs on green leaves

Love the sneak peek of the little lambs on the side. Both Lady bugs and lambs are available in the shop as fabrics, wallpapers and gift wraps. They are part of my eclectic One collection of kids prints.

I am spending some time preparing pants pattern pieces every day. The fabric is all ready to be marked and cut I am anxious to do so tomorrow.

Practicing patience while waiting for me hand recover enough I can continue quilting.
This quilt is one of most patient quilts I can think of. I put it aside to make my Watercolor Garden Quilt and hurt my hand a day before completing the Garden quilt, so the put-aside period is in progress now...

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sewing Time: Jeans #3 on the Way

This spring brought me back to sewing clothes. As I mentioned I used to sew almost everything few years ago. In three months it resulted in a pair of jeans, knee length jeans, a shirt, a dress, undies.. and some unfinished projects. A few months alter, this weekend seemed the right time to cut another shirt and plan the next jeans. Just because a trip to the fabric shop /for shirt fabric/ made me buy denim for my next jeans, I decided to make a pair for someone first! It is absolutely rational and no contradictions here! I get the pattern pieces form old comfy jeans and my jeans pattern drafting process will be all nice in every aspect but the time spent testing alternations.So I am picking the straight forward project first.

More on the concept and my experience do far, on the old blog post. I will post more on the process shortly - how the pattern is taken and how it feels to get the pattern of a comfy pair of jeans and multiply them. Here is a glimpse of jeans #1 - the original pair on the top and the new incarnation with longer legs, bigger waist and higher rise on the bottom. You can see part of the prep work on the original pair.
sewing jeans form a comfy pair without ripping it

I am busy with ripping new fabric to transfer the pattern pieces now. Have just brought the fabric home - 6 sq m instead of 1! I switched the fabric type and offered generous 50% discount, so I bought enough for lots of cloths.

Wishing you a fantastic week! It is a warm summer with morning like that smell like mountain or autumn. Love this period!