Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Sometimes a Ruined Plan is a Thing to Love

Happy October! I hope yours started fantastic!

I'm in to the postponing and breaking plans stage right now and this is absolutely lovely!

 my little private sewing last weekend- the fabric

You might remember I am making myself a dress. Again. I thought I need to link "Again" to the previous unfinished dress but I see now I have not even shown the plan here. Well, this is skipping stages! I have two dresses, almost done, sitting and waiting now and the one I have not shown is so pretty... And I am really, happy I will make these dresses wait! I will tell you why in a minute.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Boscobel Second and Third Bloom

I imagined I will mix sewing and gardening posts with some walks and travel ones on the blog. In reality I was too busy to take pictures of the sewing and sort walk/travel photos. So here is another rose post.

Second Bloom

The second bloom of my Boscobel looked like a new rose  - shallower, paler flowers and no rosettes. It was supposed to change but did not expected this much of change actually and liked it!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Summer Extravaganza - Roses along the Long Path to a Summer Dress

Living by the coast might imply spending time at the beach during summer months. I spend most of time there in the colder part of the year actually. This summer is no exception. Although I was a about to plan a month of sunbathing and swimming every other day sometime in early July.

I am meticulously switching between gardening, sewing, an exciting new adventure and sewing the dress.

The result is the most beautiful rose garden I have ever had, the most extraordinary summer obsession and a dress taking shape!  

Friday, 20 July 2018

Gardening vs Sewing: My Garden and Myosotis Dress Patternn Printing

One can't have it all

I know, we always have to choose something over something else. Still it did not feel good when I had my new garden all watered and even the balcony washed /and the flowers did show so many signs they feel good/ and finally arrived to the copy shop only to find it had closed two minutes before I visited them.

So my latest adventure in sewing, a dress that I was so anxious to start making this evening, had to wait a day more, or I had to print the pattern at home and glue dozens of pages.  

paper and fabric for the Myosotis Dress

I just had to make this dress. This was mandatory. So I did print the pages and assembled the pattern, I will start cutting today. Fabric colours are quite off on this picture, it is a late evening now.

A Dress so Special 


Deer and Doe Myosostis Dress Yes, I have a lovely blue dress that is almost ready now. It lives on the coach most evenings now as I am stitching every evening - basting to check the waist widths and bodice fit once again... after cutting and starting sewing last summer. But why not print a new pattern, cut new fabric and finish another dress before it? Of course I have to! The reason is, the Deer & Doe Myosotis Dress is fantastic!
 It is almost everything one can dream about in a summer dresst:
  • It covers so much, sun burn is not an issue.
  • It stays so far from the body, heat is not a problem.
  • It pairs perfectly with light-weight fabrics, so skin is still being able to breath in a hot humid day, which makes it priceless addition to a wardrobe located by the sea. And mine actually is.

Monday, 16 July 2018

My Secret Garden Adventure - Bigger Garden!

My gardening love affair is a long story. I have been gardening since I was a teenager with a short brake when I was a new mom. I have not had my "real" garden yet, so it has been "only" small city garden all the time. I love lots and loads, and even more flowers and cascades of blooms... I know this as quite a few people have told this to me lately. Changing places meant changing garden characteristics too -  size, sun exposure and even nature. Sadly this meant moving to a smaller and more closed garden at a certain point.

The New Garden

This spring I had the chance to actually kind of share a balcony and make a garden. I moved almost all my flowers to another balcony. It is bigger and sunnier and moving almost all of my plants there for the summer did not fill it. So I had some free space to play with! New flowers. Yay! A garden of my own for the summer!

This is how it looked while I was moving plants - one corner with my Abraham Darby rose and pelargoniums' first blooms after the winter.  And my other old Austin roses - Golden Celebration and Crown Princess Margaretta /well, I might me wrong and it might be Teasing Georgia... I know this is a sin, buy lost the tags and have both at one point/ about to bloom for the first time this season.

I also moved my hibiscus and my clovers. The hibiscus liked the sunnier position and soon covered with buds and the roses... well, they started growing quicker as you can see on the left. New strong shoots were such a nice way to let me know they like the new place. Especially given the fact it is their second year with me and first one resulted in no basal breaks.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Choosing My Boscobel Rose

david asutin boscobel rose old bloom - evening look

Mentioning my Boscobel rose in my previous post without introducing the rose itself seems unfair, so here is something about it. My attitude towards roses is "so many roses, so little space", so I choose carefully and any tip and advice I had seen in the blogs, forums, etc was valuable piece of information for me when making the choices. Thus here are my two cents on these choices - Austin roses and Boscobel rose.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Two Dozens of Months Later - Boscobel Rose Leaves Care

Well, two years after the last blog post it is active again!

These were  two interesting years and actually three of my birthdays plus two full garden seasons and lots of new things. Almost no quilts. I kept sewing a lot, but not quilting so much. And I am more and more into gardening and pattern design lately. So this blog will be now dedicated to flowers, gardening and surface design, I think. Quilts I have made and posted about in the blog previous incarnations using services that were stopped /and thus information lost/ will appear here among other subjects. I need to have them all documented somehow. However I am making less and less quilts. Which is a bit sad thing to admit. And quite rewarding on the other hand,  as I am sewing clothes for myself now occasionally and lingerie - generally on a daily basis.

I will try to use the calm summer evenings, when they happen to occur, and document some of the most interesting things of the past two years and, hopefully, most of the current adventures.