Friday, 26 November 2010

Christmas is Coming! New Items Coming Too!

Coasters Christmas Tree
It is official! - only 29 days left to Christmas!

The eshop will soon be getting some Christmas items too!
We are making some angel dolls and Christmas decorations now!
Coasters are coming this weekend too!

One of my favorite quilts was just added to the shop too - Sunshine Joy Quilt.
It is a small and extra cheerful one - great for a baby quilt, home decor spicing-up, or a lap quilt. Ready to ship and all shining with joy!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy Christmas Season!

We have a fresh new week, a new month and a holiday season to celebrate this week!
Nov 1st is the official gift lists, decoration ideas, holiday paper and preparation and greeting cards writing.
Iris paper folding Chtistmas cards
If you happen to be amazed how crazy we might be to state this... Well, it is approximately one calm month and 24 hectic days before Christmas now.
I try to get it all done for Christmas by the end on November. It helps one feel the through spirit and aroma of the holidays. No stress, no crowd, no deadlines...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Custom Star Quilt Pictures

taking pictures of a large star quilt
Taking some pictures for the shop this afternoon.

Brilliant soft light after 24 hours rain.

Our IT expert will take care for the shop appearance in a few days so you could see more and more beautiful pictures soon.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Grey Autumn Days....

grey autumn day and lovely sky
It is rainy and dark here - raining for a day now.
Taking pictures was not possible today.
New pictures and new baby products will be added to the little shoppe as soon as we have some sunshine. The fisrt additions will be bibs.

Monday, 11 October 2010

The very first day

New blog home and post #1
Yesterday was the very first day of this site and shop. Today is the first day of the blog.

We chose an auspicious day for the start - 10.10.2010. It is believed to be the first of the most happy, auspicious days of the millennium.

We took this decision just a few days before the special date. Although this project was given a good thought for some really long time, the time we had /less than a week/ to get it launched on the lucky day was not sufficient to polish it as we would like and load it with many products.

If you have any tips or find something inappropriate, please let us know.
We are now working for its better look and your opinion is highly appreciated.