Tuesday, 15 March 2011


It is March! And almost a month after my previous post here.
fat quarter bundles for my brand new quilting supply shop!

So here is what is new - I was knitting socks like crazy. Had some foot trouble and successfully overcame it. I was sewing too little and knitting too much... well, I already mentioned it, nut it was a lot... Will show pics soon.

I finally let my quilt shop idea become true. Partly due to uncertainty around, too much work, too much pressure... partly because I suddenly had a blog less to take care for... So I opened an online shop for quilting supplies.
It is local one - meant to work in Bulgaria. Will see how it will go. But do trust me - holding fat quarter sets and tying them into bundles is a magical experience... I am showing you three of the mini bundles - so simple and inspiring, I am anxious to tie the next ones... and have long list of things to be added to the new shop too.

So I am back here, with colorful fabric /and buttons!/ around.. true red nail polish and lots of ideas... plus no energy to go on with them this evening.

New items will be added to Bonbon-Boutique this week. To do lists say it will be in two days - on Thursday.

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