Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a great Christmas. Ours was warm and beautiful - no snow, no chills, family and friends, sun and food. We even had a pre-Christmas falling star again to make up for the lack of snow, so I am really happy with it despite the no-snow part.
Christmas in a quilt

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Falling Stars Magic In December

Falling starts are like four-leaves clovers and dolphins for me - seeing them brings magic in the moment no matter how difficult it might happen to be.

a falling star
I saw one last night and I hope I could see more this night.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas preparations and drawstring bags

I have been preparing Christmas by the end November for year. But not this one. So I am getting close to the moment I have to pay special attention and get some Christmas decorations and gifts sorted and finished. I have less than two weeks and I am into sewing lingerie instead... new love and new obsession maybe...

fabric drawstring bags for gift wrapping this Chrsitmas

So I think I might get a bit traditional and use drawstring bags for Christmas gifts this year. I think some baking will happen and some paper folding too. No knitting this year and no jeans sewing yet, so drawstring bags still add something sewn to the gifts.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: Warmer Undies - Briefs and High Waist Panties

My Marlborough bra was born just before autumn and the lacy Lola panties seemed too summery for it.
So, I though of some autumn additions, as I mentioned earlier. These were meant to add comfort to wearing low-rise jeans in a chilly morning.

Here they are:

Much more coverage, than the lacy and low rise Lolas and same fabrics so they can make a nice combo with the Marlborough bra. Now more on the panties!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Mini Tree Doll Softy PDF Pattern

I am happy to announce my Chrsitmas Mini Tree Doll Softy PDF Pattern is now available on my Craftsy store.

It is a simple sewing project suitable for a novice sewer and producing an elegant and versatile mini tree.

What I really like about this mini doll is the simple shape. It is a cone, but a soft one, with delicate gathers on the bottom and soft look.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Giant Rabbit Applique!

It is high time I published a project completed this November. So here it is.
Big Rabbit Duvet Cover

 It is a custom order for a sleeping set - duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase.

The applique is what makes me smile. The customer was looking for a design with a rabbit, a cat and a giraffe and here is what I came with.
Big Rabbit Duvet Cover Close up

Just a drawing and all the preparations then ...
Someone  asked for a replica here, so I might be making a copy next year. 
Isn't it crazy? How big this rabbit is!

The Big Bunny Applique
I am not really into raw edge applique. However this one had to be appliqued this way and  felt nice actually.
All the wrinkle son the picture are mostly result of my impatience. I should have laid them carefully.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: My First Set of Lingerie - Lola Panties and Marlborough Bra!

I've been off and on the blog /busy, busy times/, on and off sewing /my hand being hurt/ lately and I blog more often in the last week, but almost no sewing quilting here. Well, I will correct it today with my first bra and panties set!

It is a milestone for me and I like it a lot. Lola Brazilian cut panties by Ohhh Lulu and Marlborough lace accented cup bra by Orange Lingerie.
Marlborough Bra and Lola Panties Lingerie Set

I sewed the panties a few months ago with the bra in mind and than the bra was done as a wearable muslin last month.

How to Overwinter Begonias in a Vase

It has been over ten days of no sewing here. Felt really odd and I did miss colours in the gloomy days, so I was happy to prepare the flowers for winter last week. I will tell you how I overwinter my begonias. Mine are Waterfall Encanto Begonias and every effort to keep them totally worths every minute it takes.

We had two different begonias this year, not counting the one that spent the winter at home /shown here/. So I needed colour coding and did it the simplest way possible.I will show you both the overwintering and the colour coding methods I like here.

By the Sea: End of November

Moments by the sea - calm or windy, blue or grey... love them!

This weekend sea time was calm - no chills,
sunny path and lovely blues...

Monday, 1 December 2014

December Magic! December Diving!

It was a steep start of the day - a fast cup of tea  and cleaning a windshield covered with ice /thankful I was able to open the doors/, saving geraniums and oxalis from the ice conquering their pots, driving across the city... shopping before 8am... first icicles on the window... All in about an hour and they all made the chills really tangible. December!
geranium flowerring in November

Geraniums leaves were covered with thin layer of brilliant ice and oxalis leaves were all drawn and helpless/dead/ in the water under the frost covering the pot... Saved them in the last moment. They were so different a few days ago!
Oxalis cooping with the clod

I have no advent calendar ready. The one, made last year is stored - paper envelopes with daily wishes and I just can't make something similar a year later. I though of boxes, but had no  time to buy some little treasures...  and bought erasers just a few weeks ago. So I guess it will be a no advent calendar December and I will make different tea every day instead. Easy and achievable!

Wishing a lovely December!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Weekly post - pictures and pictures

Here I am - back on the blog a week later. It was an interesting week. A slow in some aspects and really fast on others. And a cold one too. So I had some fabric flowers around- flower pincushions and flower mini pouches!

Italin roses mini pouch coin walletflower pincushion "Pretty in Pink"

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Orange by the sunny sea...

It was a cold day today, but a sunny one too.
So we enjoyed the sun, and the weekend.
sun by the sea
Until a quarter past nine and an earthquake of 5.5M ... plus a few more in less than two hours /3.4M and less/.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: Hight Waist Panties in the Making

I promised you an after sewing picture of my new panties. Well, I am in no picture processing mood for my wrsit... so they sleep in the camera for now.

Fortunately I had a few minutes to take them yesterday.

So here is a in-the-making shot of the panties before the bows and in the studio:

sewing high waist panties for myself
Yes, they are in there - over the fabric! I will go back to them shortly with he finished look pictures and more details.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Appreciating Simple Things - Sewing for Myself

I am to take care of my hand and arm for a few weeks now. Most of the sewing is on hold. The jeans and the quilt/totes are on the table - folded and waiting.

As the pain /fortunately!/ faded yesterday, I took a special part of my fabric stash to celebrate it - the first piece of jersey I bought for a special project this summer. I decided to cut and sew it. Knits are easy to cut, and easy to feed into the machine so it looked like a no-harm-to-my-hand project.

I just love this print! Adorable! Placing on the table was a moment of joy!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Life Happens... and Sewing Changes

I hurst my hand this summer. Got it fixed /as scarry as it may seem/ at the beginning of this month and hurt it again last week... So I got it fixed two more times... this week... As scary and painful it may seem /and actually was/.

So I am to take care of it now. A bit more than before and way more successful I hope.

In the meantime I will be very very careful with denim...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

White Christmas Collection: Mini Christmas Trees

Here they are! The second part of the White Christmas collection - The mini Christmas tee softies - mini doll, minimalistic decor, cute little home decor. White Christmas in style and beautiful all year long.

Lines of them,

loads of of them....

Saturday, 15 November 2014

October Christmas Preparations - Mini Owl Softies for a White Christmas

Here is what I did this October - lots of hours spent dreaming of a White Christmas.

White Christmas is something I always liked - the wording, the simplicity, the crispness, the whiteness...
Mini owl doll softies - White Christmas collection

Sometimes we have snow for Christmas here. Sometimes we have no snow. But I can always decorate on the minimalistic side, the white one - with cotton and linen, craft paper and bakers twine. With some ribbons but no glitter, no neon and just some pure vibrant red... Thus the White Christmas collection was created - almost no colour, muted whites and just a hint of colour.

orange and purple mini owl softy

It consist of low volume /and almost no colour/ versions of my colourful owls, white mini trees and drawstring bags. Some of the prints are printed by hand by me. This one above is one of them. I love the texture the little prints have.

The owl are in the shop now.

I will show you some trees tomorrow!
Happy weekend!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2014: Watercolor Garden Quilt

With many things going wrong lately, I have not completed a quilt after this one, so this is how it become my entry for this fall Blogger's Quilt Festival.
Watercolor Garden Quilt hanging

This is a very special quilt to me - it incorporates low volume patches, watercolor effect, blooming nine patch and flowers prints as well as new take on a traditional blocks. I was tempted to make a quilt with each of these things lately and surprisingly I was able to make a single quilt with all of them. A happy and a bit unrealistic though that happened to materialize in a all dreamed quilts in one quilt!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pre Christmas Pictures - Pincushions Finally Shot

It is almost Christmas here - boxes and bows everywhere and conquerring tables and the ironing table too.....
I am playing hide-and-seek with the light lately. It is dark and I need some minutes a day to take pictures.

Here are some I managed to take yesterday. Love the colour and the light in the tissue. Enjoying light these days! Pincushions time! Pincushions in origami boxes. Pincushions that sometimes carry wedding rings. Love how ingenious some people are. Ii did not even think about it myself but my customers do.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hello early autumn

I think, winter comes after autumn and autumn comes after the Indian summer.
I think, Indian summer usually starts here at late October but tippically start of November.
I know I am right about these.

And I know it's been five days in a row, I am wearing socks...
This is something strange for a pre-Indiand summer! And at 2C it is OK to wear socks...
So I will just dream for the next day I will be wearing no socks again and Indian summer will come. Just like a week ago...

early autumn and almost bare feet

I love autumn actually. I love the colours, the smell, the chills, but only morning ones and they just have to be followed by sunny warm days... And I miss the sun now...

I took lots and lots, and loads... of pictures during this last week. You know what? Most were not as good as I needed them, and it was OK actually. Little light does this. I did tries some adventurous things to ketch light though...

I need to make some jeans now, and I did start a new bra today! Hopefully it will be an improved version of this bra Also finished the pincushions. They are in the shop now.

Come back tomorrow for some owly, pincushiony pictures.
I am so tired, I really have to go to bed now... or I will risk waking up at noon...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sunday Mail

I have got a letter this weekend. I did not expect it and it feels a bit strange now. I should have expected it...

It is my member card and pin for Modern Quilt Guild. So I have them now an the membership got a tangible aspect too.
Modern Quilt Guild letter

I wish, I had more time for quilting these days... Soon!

This week started so odd, I keep repeating, things get really well after many ruined plans.

Well, I have some pincushions to play with tomorrow and a new pattern to tweak today, so things might getter better sooner than expected.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

White Christmas Mini Dolls Collection

It is preChristmas time and Christmas decoration is going into my shop.

White Christmas collection - owls
I have these little dolls ready for a while waiting for holiday season. Yes, summer is the perfect time to get ready for Christmas. I remember finding the May mitts in Elizabeth Zimmerman's book of projects. May, she wrote, is the perfect time to start Christmas gifts knitting. Brilliant!

With them around, making pictures of them ... I forgot to show them on the blog. So here they are!
White Christmas collection - little trees

Owls are something I keep creating for years - so cute, so little, so heart-melting! Making them almost all-over white was a Christmas thing.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: Marlborough Bra

Bra time - my first bra is done! It is Marlborough bra and I will share some thoughts on it with you. I searched and read about it a bit before getting it. So I suppose sharing my thought may help someone else in return.

Marlborough bra completed
This spring I decided it was high time I sewed some lingerie for me. So I added some panties to my to do list and even sewed some. But the really important thing was sewing bras. I tend to find one for me harder that its is supposed to be. I am not too picky actually - I like cut and sew cups and since I live in Europe these are available. I like good quality fabrics and since we have a really good local producer this one is easy too. The hard things - sizing and colour. I could get my size or my colours but it is almost impossible to get them both in a single bra. I was looking for a nude colour one this spring and no-match in early spring....At the very start of sheer clothes season!.... So back to the bra!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Autumn Walks by the Flowers - Violas in the Garden /a Week Ago/

Autumn is very beautiful here. It comes later than expected, delayed by the traditional Indian summer. The first signs of autumn ca be seen in the flower beds by the sea. The morning chills take just a few hours but the summer flowers are replaced because they can not stand them. Welcome violas! Good buy summer flowers!
the violas medalion

Flower Pincushions in the Making on My Table

I spent some time organizing my checked fabrics yesterday and I kept seeing pincushions hidden in these fabric pieces. It is pincushion time for me - making them for Christmas presents

So I cut a few squares and a pincushion sewing session was started.

flower pincushion makinng - ready for making the petals

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

First PDF Pattern Celebration and a PDF Pattern Giveaway

Flower Pincushion PDF Pattern Giveaway
Pattern Number One deserves celebration! And here it is! Giveaway!

I will send one free copy to a lucky reader of the blog. See details bellow!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Very First Pattern Is For Sale Now!

I am excited! Stepping into pattern making is something I was planning for a year. Finally it is a fact!
My number one instant downloadable PDF pattern is in the shop now and I am working on the next ones. The very first pattern is my best selling pincushion. It is a versatile little project - instant gratification with as little materials as possible and great charm potential.

flower pincushion instant download pattern by domoshar studios

Friday, 10 October 2014

Golden Showers Rose

I was fortunate to have roses on my table this week. Vivid, bright yellow and fantastic fragrance.
These are Golden Showers roses. It is the second year of the bush and it produced many, many flowers just like the name explains. I wanted this rose and bought it last summer. So happy I did.

At first I thought the aroma would be slighter before the buds opened. It was not! One of the reasons Golden Showers rose is loved is the fragrance.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time - Lola Brazilian Cut Panties

I sewed two pairs of Lola panties today. They feature a fairly low rise, boyshorts front, and Brazilian cut /a little higher on the back leg opening/ lacy back. The no lace pair is my first try sewed last month. I was curios how they feel and tried to find some opinions before I gave them a try. Since I found few and  like them a lot, I decided to share mine.

Lola Brzilian cut panties variation - a batch of three

These might be my favorite Ohhh Lulu pants. I saw a pair or two on lingerie sewing blogs earlier this year /thus finding Sarah's patterns/ and printed mine a month ago. Sewed 3 pairs since then despite the fact Lola panties are not exactly autumn ones - the rise is really low and the lace is not a warm option. What makes me experiment with them is the beautiful way they incorporate lace and the possibilities to match them with a bra with lacy accents. Plus I like the two in one feel - front and back are so different - and they are comfortable.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Cocoa, Red and Lace

Baking cocoa cake, drinking cocoa, cutting the new lace, I bought today... Some of the good things that happened today just after the not so planned ones /like the walk I missed and a flat tire/.

lace on the table
It could be cut today, but I decided to cut it in the studio instead to prevent any distortion in the little pieces. And I might change the combo.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sampling Fabrics and a Print on the Table

Busy week means no-new-fabric week and since it is obsecion on its own, I had to make up for the lack of new patterns.

I keep this beauty on the table for now. Love how this canvas accepted the rich pigments. It is almost sparkling with the texture of the weaving.

Backpacks fabric print sample
It is a sample of my backpacks design printed on eco canvas. Now available on my shop on Spoonflower.  

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Autumn Studio Plans

As weather gets colder, I need new studio reorganization. Moving fabric, and machine, maybe tables... and displays... is inevitable. I tend to make different things in cooler months and I also prefer some walls over others too - catching sun beams in the working areas and inspiration from the windows view...

reflections corner in the studio
So instead of focusing on my new love and managing the learning curve it came with, I will move things around. Not sure how many times. Already broke something today. I  have ordered and received something /this morning/, wrote down some things to buy/get... and do my best to stick to the plan... as sewing all the time is so tempting...

Monday, 29 September 2014

New Sewing Love

Life happens. It is amazing how unpredictable things may go. Fortunately in a good way.

I was planning some peaceful and happy stitching a pair of jeans out of beautiful heavy denim, gorgeous pocket fabric and nice threads... I decided to improve the pattern and make one more muslin /the first one was light fabric/. So I bought and soaked the fabric and carefully stored it for a night to cut it the next morning /the grey solid one on the picture below/. Perfect timing, great plans and smooth execution - steady and productive process. It was perfect for the first two weeks of school and all the little things that change with the new rhythm. My work was all under control and going.
plans and fabrics changed

Then something new had to be given a try. The new fabrics kept coming home with me and  buried the good plan...Just a small addition is shown here. And I am into it now! Everyday - pattern drafting, choosing fabrics, sewing lots and lots of toiles or samples... Just because it got colder here and I did need something myself due to the chills every morning.... Who knew how it would happen so fast? A crazy spring thought is taking shape because autumn has come earlier with grapes and chilly mornings

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Jeans Sewing Excitement Again

The fast pre-jeans project, I squeezed among other sewing projects was good. But it somehow was not perfect. It had classic cut pants pattern and I do want something more special.

sewing jeans - matching the thread and pockets fabric
So I bought and soaked another muslin fabric today and  the plan is to cut it tomorrow. Assuming the pattern tweaking, I did this weekend works... it may result in a denim fabric cut this weekend. And I have all the material and notions ready.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Pre-Jeans #3

Jeans #3 are all done. It took almost a month to finish them and only 3 days of sewing /for a total of 5 hours/. I started this Wednesday and had them ready on Friday.
front and back pices all done

Thursday, 18 September 2014

More Rodin and More Old Palace Details

Behind the door,  Rodin exhibition was unexpected in the gentle way it introduced some of Rodin's endeavors - assemblage, antique style details, process marks and more. A few texts on the walls and a film projection in a little hall just behind the main exposition halls made the feel of the studio almost tangible.

I was impressed by the interior - empty and eclectic

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rodin in Sofia - The Thinker and the Former Palace

My stay in Sofia last week was planned a month earlier, but a month so busy I didn't really had the energy to plan more than a few stops, write their names and addresses and put the list in my handbag just before leaving home. And I completely forgot about the Rodin exhibition!

I am not the greatest fan of Rodin, and honestly, I have always been drawn to painting and not so much to sculpture. It has something to do with my passion for colour. Still Matisse, Klimt and Rodin form a special trio in my mind and I was happy to see the poster on the gallery facade in my first early morning in Sofia. Looked like blessing and felt extra special frоm this very first moment. The crisp morning, the quit city, the mountain, the gardens and flowers and the anticipation of the exhibition, that was there for month, but I managed to get near it a few days before its close date...

The Thinker - the center of Rodin's exhibition
The Thinker was something I knew, I will see there. I did not know how it will look in the hall. All the process scars on its skin, all the artists' marks on the body and the toes! /love the in-progress look they have!/ and the perfect symmetry and rhythm on the hall walls decorations... They looked great together.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

City Spa - Rodin, Patchwork, Shopping and Laughter

If you think of the city gym shorts when you read "city spa", you are just like me - very happy with them and always appreciating a few hours of great fun. Well, it was more than a few hours and even more than a couple of days last week.

My city gym shorts traveled the country with me during my unexpected blog vacation.  I though of posting some short post every day with a picture or two/scheduling some ans squeezing others among my daily tasks. However my to do list was about to explode so I had to take a short blog break.

The best thing about the spa and the vacation was, the shorts were just a little, tiny part of the fun and joy I had. The spa included: Rodin, patchwork exhibition /and lovely people to meet too/, shopping /I won't count here how many things I saw and what I brought home - it was just right/, laughing with a special friend, new things to learn, great food to taste and a mountain peaking behind the buildings... a few days recharging for the new season.

Here is the glimpse of Rodin's exhibition. I know, it is only the hall, but isn't it fantastic?
The palace hall, where Roden extibion was presented

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hello September!

I can't believe it is the start of September and the second chestnut week too. Chestnuts usually start falling mid September here. But I do like the roses flowering on the balcony and a nice evening rain plus some bonus wet hair. Both checked today! With all the extras - dark skies early in the evening, lightnings and thunders, peaceful rain to contrast the dramatic skies and lightnings...

rose on the balcony today
I have written lots of things today - mostly plans for fixing unexpected issues I have to manage tomorrow and I did finish the Watercolor Garden quilt hanging sleeve so I could send it in time for the annual national exhibition starting in a week.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Late summer thoughts in the heat of the city

Last week was the the first late summer rain week. I was told it will give the start of the the summer's end and it did sound odd, but the temperatures went down and the nights become cooler. A thing I do enjoy as it reminds me of the fresh mountain air and the crisp mornings by the pine trees.

I spend some time doodling and some time cutting pattern pieces for jeans #3 and a shirt. I also enjoyed the first batches of summer produce at home. Not grown here, but so yummy and adding colour and a bit of autumn smell to the kitchen. They convey autumn thoughts, I can't stop it.
summer fruits
Until today! It was a crazy day today. Crossing half of the city with a big paper bag /empty most of the time/, printing new business cards and thank you cards, buying fabrics and sending orders...  in 35C + forced me to feel the summer is still here. Especially in the rare situation I carry no water with me and my sun hat is by the door at home... although I spent hours in the syn. Then driving back in a car so "warmed" by the syn, the seat belt was hot. Fortunately I had some time in the studio - a no heat oasis in a day like today, cutting fabrics, packing orders, making bows and origami boxes.

The summer is still here and I like it! Hope you enjoy yours too!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My fabrics: colors and lady bugs today

I have been "painting"my fabric designs today - some colour exploration, some tweaking on a design and new designs on the way

fresh colours palette

Here are the new low contrast version of the lady bugs pattern. And a little more modern more modern version with orange lady bugs and violet leaves. Here is the original version's swatch:
lady bugs on green leaves

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sewing Time: Jeans #3 on the Way

This spring brought me back to sewing clothes. As I mentioned I used to sew almost everything few years ago. In three months it resulted in a pair of jeans, knee length jeans, a shirt, a dress, undies.. and some unfinished projects. A few months later, this weekend seemed the right time to cut another shirt and plan the next jeans. Just because a trip to the fabric shop /for shirt fabric/ made me buy denim for my next jeans, I decided to make a pair for someone else first! It is absolutely rational and no contradictions here! I get the pattern pieces from old comfy jeans and my pair of jeans pattern drafting process will be all nice in every aspect but the time spent testing alternations.So I am picking the straight forward project first - chinos to jeans with no further alternations.

More on the concept and my experience so far, on the old blog post. I will post more on the process shortly - how the pattern is taken and how it feels to get the pattern of a comfy pair of jeans and multiply them. Here is a glimpse of jeans #1 - the original pair on the top and the new incarnation with longer legs, bigger waist and higher rise on the bottom. You can see part of the prep work on the original pair.
sewing jeans form a comfy pair without ripping it
I am busy with ripping new fabric to transfer the pattern pieces now. Have just brought the fabric home - 6 sq m instead of 1! I switched the fabric type and offered generous 50% discount, so I bought enough for lots of clothes.

Wishing you a fantastic week! It is a warm summer with morning like that smell like mountain or autumn. Love this period!