Sunday, 6 April 2014

Drawing Sunday

My gloomy windy, cocoa Sunday was coloured in dusty blue and golden yellow. Grey and and white have never been considered colours here. My passion for colour just can't allow it.
The second print on the last row was a Spoonflower contest entry some time ago. The whole collection grew around it while I was playing with the matrix effect. Love the non-zodiac feel of the mosaic effect of a simple matrix repeat. Finally 4 sunny prints have been just added. Not sure this will be the final version. It might be.

The colours are so new to me. I mean in general. And so expected in a way too - I painted lots of greys, and goldens, and whites at home lately. The dusty blue was painted a few years ago in the studio /former one/. So this is a collection of paints used lately.

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