Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Monday Blues - Fabric Design Continued

Fishy Mystery fabric collection - Who broke the fish tank?
I am not a resolution person. However I see new beginning in every week. Started this one with a long walk by the sea just an hour after sunrise. Brilliant light and birds singing... Perfect start. No single picture taken - wanted it all intact when I close my eyes and move there for a minute or two of relaxation. The grass and flowers are so vigorously growing this week. Sakuras have just started blooming on the Cherry blossom alley.

I than dived in my to-do list and marked it done in the afternoon to leave some fabric time before dinner.

Here's what was done: Mystery toile collection version 1.0.
I am not sure whether this or the zodiac collection would be my first collection. Or maybe another... The blue toile fabric was a contest entry and the collection grew around it with a few apples coordinates and a red variation.
Did you find out who broke the fish tank?

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