Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday Fun: A box of fabric

Let me tell you what I brought home yesterday. It is a big box filled with fabric pieces. They are neither scraps, nor yardage - as little as a fat quarter, or as much as half yard or something. I mixed and matched the fabric choices for two quilts I plan to start this week and placed them all in the box in the studio yesterday.
box of fabric peices for my next two quilts
Taking a box back home is one of the tiny drawbacks, a whole studio outside the home brings. But I think of it like a beauty invasion at home. And I am thankful for the whole amount of fabric and space I have there at the studio too.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

An odd week

It seems I forgot my blog for a week. Just after adding it to Blogloving last week. Really odd. It was a a crazy week actually, in many ways and none of them is beautiful enough to be mentioned here. So here what came along the crazy things:
Lots of roses at home,
bunches of roses

moon and clouds
an /almost/ full moon with lovely clouds in a night, lots of draing and baking.  Pictures and posts to follow soon. I hope it is a calm and beautiful week and do my best to make up for the previous unproductive one.

I am going to chose the fabroic for a new quilt today! Sketched yesterday and in fabrics stage now.  Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Construction work and blog love with Bloglovin

pile of fat quarters for an order - a building of fabric
Making the new blog house look like home includes lots of building blocks added to the blank plan of a blog one starts with. Adding links is in process now. You can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin .

I used Bloglines long, long ago and some other lists after them and I am using Bloglovin to read all the blogs I like starting today. I think I will add lots of new blogs in the next weeks. Love the "similar blogs" feature already.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"I only bought lingerie and shoes" made me try sewing lingerie

 first try on sewing undies
"I only bought lingerie and shoes" - I heard myself saying this to a friend while I was happily announcing I resumed sewing my clothes. It just hit me - I missed something and there was no single reason for this! So I fixed it the very next week /of May/- sewing undies. And it felt great!

Buying lingerie and shoes - that was the thing few years ago. Everything else was bought in fabric, thread, zippers and buttons form. Unless a really great apparel was found.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Quilting in progress - blue quilt bubbles

quilitng in progress - blue quilt
The feathers-on-blue quilt is slowly cumming together. The reason it takes so much time is I am doing a lot of other things and putting it on hold while they last.
quilitng in progress - blue quilt

So filling one side with bubbles today, felt good. Part of the bubbles where done earlier /a corner really as shown on second picture/ and filling the rest today, opens new possibilities. I like so aspects of this pebbly-bubbly quilting and do not really love some other /like speed for example/.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

June quilting que - blue quilt feathers

Lots of sewing and new projects /including jewelry making!/  - June was an interesting month. So interesting my quilting was put on hold for a while.

blue quilt feather quilting
A summer quilt in blue was started in end of May and the first quilting stitches were done a month ago. I discovered my open toe quilting foot broken then /have no clue how it broke/ and had no time to worry - I was busy sewing dresses and other clothes.

blue quilt feather quilting - close up
So I am planning a few quilting hours tomorrow to make some progress on this baby. It is so blue, and the deep blue quilting tread is so lustrous, it is a pity it is not finished yet. No binding fabric is chosen yet. I am leaving this to the all-being-quilted moment now. Have liked few options in the fabric shop, have some options in the stash.... It seems minor question now. Miss quilting so much.

blue quilt feather quilting - back
With the little off-white table-topper my lavender is drying on now and a table-runner, this is my third feathers quilting. I think I like the free form feathers best and the traditional ones, not so much... Will see how it goes..

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lavender Love

I was picking lavender today! Felt fantastic - cloud of lavender aroma, butterflies, a bunch of flowers in my hands and warm sun in the breeze... Relaxing afternoon moment and a perfect aroma for the evening at home. It rests on a little table topper and I think the cotton will take some of the aroma while the bunch dries.

 I have never researched about this but particular white butterfly is the one that is found around lavender plants most often here. Sometimes the butterflies are almost as many as the buds...
Two were playing around this single plant above and see how many around these ones last year:

lavender bouquet
Looking forward to taking pictures with the lavender tomorrow.
Happy weekend!

Friday, 4 July 2014

New home!

My old blog is having brand new home!
birthday bouquet

So excited to finally settle! It's been a long path and part of it was archived whilst changing places in search of a convenient modern place /and after Posterous was shut down/. Half of the six years, I have been blogging, are on a disk now. So it feels like a new home move with major part of the furniture donated or left in the old home. All the freedom of making a new house feel like home makes up for the memories left behind.

Missed blogging during the months of unsureness where to go next. Looking forward to blogging daily and all the pleasures of sharing and finding new people again!

New home and new place were inspired by one of my favorite principle - KISS. So I will Keep It Simple again. And embrace the new learning curve and all the adventures on the road, as the last part of the abbreviation states /the last "S" stays there for "stupid", adding so much humor and positive vibes/. Old things might be added along new post. Or they might not. Time will show how simple it could be. It's tempting to bring the old little treasures. And so is the clean crisp start.

Hope you'll be patient with all the blank spaces while the new home gets dressed up and find a comfortable new place to rest for a few minutes here with me.