Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"I only bought lingerie and shoes" made me try sewing lingerie

 first try on sewing undies
"I only bought lingerie and shoes" - I heard myself saying this to a friend while I was happily announcing I resumed sewing my clothes. It just hit me - I missed something and there was no single reason for this! So I fixed it the very next week /of May/- sewing undies. And it felt great!

Buying lingerie and shoes - that was the thing few years ago. Everything else was bought in fabric, thread, zippers and buttons form. Unless a really great apparel was found.

It was a summer inspired spring idea to make a few dresses for me. I have not sewn clothes for over 10 years. Just a couple of clothes a year, every other year, which is no sewing to me /and none was sewn for me/. I felt so good sewing my clothes in the past - no long shopping, no "How on earth do they not carry any decent dress?" moments... Just a quick stop at the fabric shop, a few hours happily spent sewing and viola! - cloths that fit and I like... Same goes with indderware. Especially for someone like me who adores colour and still loves underwear invisible under garments. See now the fun of choose-the-right-ribbon-bow below. I would never get a different color bow in ready-made bikini:
choosing ribbons for undies
Mentioning colour... the pink in this functional muslins - that's it /a trial to be used if possible/ is just the first jersey I saw in the shop. The brown is leftover from kid pants. The only thing matched and chosen are ribbon and laces. Still  I used ribbons I already had and chose the prettiest and cheapest laces no paying too much attention to match it with the jersey colours.

Now back to the story - I recall the first pattern making book I had as a child was about making dolls clothes. And it started from making underwear. I remember how simple the pattern pieces where. No difficult math, just jersey learning curve... Yay, I have never, ever, sewn jersey in items that require precision or jersey and lace together. Just a couple of blouses and a bodysuit long ago.
choosing ribbons bows for undies
The first batch of  panties was trial and error one. I took a quick look at what was sewn happily around  and gave it a try /see names and links below/. Then played with ribbons and mixed and matched them. It also included self-drafted all lace panties and waist height ones. They get no bows so did not make it to the matching session above. The final matching is closer to this one - brown goes on brown and teal on all pink one. Or just look at the one above for all pinks match and imagine a brown bow the brown one.
a change away from the right bow on undies
The no lace pink ones are the Hipsters by MakeBra, the pink and violet lace ones are Rosy Ladieshorts by Clothhabit and the brown and skin-tone lace ones - a sleeker version of the shorts. Bоth patterns are clearly written, easy to use and free. I am into more experiments lately and will make comparison of different styles later this summer.

I am happy all the muslins above are in my wardrobe now and they deal with machine washing just fine /so far/. So I will soon cut the fabrics, I deliberately bought for panties this May.

PS I used paper tape to make a lingerie design wall directly on the wall and small pieces of office double sided tape for the bows.

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