Sunday, 6 July 2014

June quilting que - blue quilt feathers

Lots of sewing and new projects /including jewelry making!/  - June was an interesting month. So interesting my quilting was put on hold for a while.

blue quilt feather quilting
A summer quilt in blue was started in end of May and the first quilting stitches were done a month ago. I discovered my open toe quilting foot broken then /have no clue how it broke/ and had no time to worry - I was busy sewing dresses and other clothes.

blue quilt feather quilting - close up
So I am planning a few quilting hours tomorrow to make some progress on this baby. It is so blue, and the deep blue quilting tread is so lustrous, it is a pity it is not finished yet. No binding fabric is chosen yet. I am leaving this to the all-being-quilted moment now. Have liked few options in the fabric shop, have some options in the stash.... It seems minor question now. Miss quilting so much.

blue quilt feather quilting - back
With the little off-white table-topper my lavender is drying on now and a table-runner, this is my third feathers quilting. I think I like the free form feathers best and the traditional ones, not so much... Will see how it goes..

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