Friday, 4 July 2014

New home!

My old blog is having brand new home!
birthday bouquet

So excited to finally settle! It's been a long path and part of it was archived whilst changing places in search of a convenient modern place /and after Posterous was shut down/. Half of the six years, I have been blogging, are on a disk now. So it feels like a new home move with major part of the furniture donated or left in the old home. All the freedom of making a new house feel like home makes up for the memories left behind.

Missed blogging during the months of unsureness where to go next. Looking forward to blogging daily and all the pleasures of sharing and finding new people again!

New home and new place were inspired by one of my favorite principle - KISS. So I will Keep It Simple again. And embrace the new learning curve and all the adventures on the road, as the last part of the abbreviation states /the last "S" stays there for "stupid", adding so much humor and positive vibes/. Old things might be added along new post. Or they might not. Time will show how simple it could be. It's tempting to bring the old little treasures. And so is the clean crisp start.

Hope you'll be patient with all the blank spaces while the new home gets dressed up and find a comfortable new place to rest for a few minutes here with me.

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