Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday Fun: A box of fabric

Let me tell you what I brought home yesterday. It is a big box filled with fabric pieces. They are neither scraps, nor yardage - as little as a fat quarter, or as much as half yard or something. I mixed and matched the fabric choices for two quilts I plan to start this week and placed them all in the box in the studio yesterday.
box of fabric peices for my next two quilts
Taking a box back home is one of the tiny drawbacks, a whole studio outside the home brings. But I think of it like a beauty invasion at home. And I am thankful for the whole amount of fabric and space I have there at the studio too.

I have not picked fabrics directly from my stash for a long time. All my latest projects come from the shop supply shelf and touching the stash brought memories of all the things that happened when I got each piece. It is funny how emotional stash building could be sometimes - buying moments, gifts received, special moments, all in fabric-on-a-shelf form.

All the pieces in the box will get soaked, dried and ready for cutting today. Then the cutting-sewing fun will begin. I have not though about backs and bindings yet. For me this makes a project even more special as I let it grow and try not to control it, just follow it.

The first project is something I have loved for years. It is so simple and so beautiful, I could not help loving it when  I saw it. I never tried it though. So I will fix this with the help of this box!

Come back here tomorrow to see how it goes! It will be collourful!

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