Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Late summer thoughts in the heat of the city

Last week was the the first late summer rain week. I was told it will give the start of the the summer's end and it did sound odd, but the temperatures went down and the nights become cooler. A thing I do enjoy as it reminds me of the fresh mountain air and the crisp mornings by the pine trees.

I spend some time doodling and some time cutting pattern pieces for jeans #3 and a shirt. I also enjoyed the first batches of summer produce at home. Not grown here, but so yummy and adding colour and a bit of autumn smell to the kitchen. They convey autumn thoughts, I can't stop it.
summer fruits
Until today! It was a crazy day today. Crossing half of the city with a big paper bag /empty most of the time/, printing new business cards and thank you cards, buying fabrics and sending orders...  in 35C + forced me to feel the summer is still here. Especially in the rare situation I carry no water with me and my sun hat is by the door at home... although I spent hours in the syn. Then driving back in a car so "warmed" by the syn, the seat belt was hot. Fortunately I had some time in the studio - a no heat oasis in a day like today, cutting fabrics, packing orders, making bows and origami boxes.

The summer is still here and I like it! Hope you enjoy yours too!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My fabrics: colors and lady bugs today

I have been "painting"my fabric designs today - some colour exploration, some tweaking on a design and new designs on the way

fresh colours palette

Here are the new low contrast version of the lady bugs pattern. And a little more modern more modern version with orange lady bugs and violet leaves. Here is the original version's swatch:
lady bugs on green leaves

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sewing Time: Jeans #3 on the Way

This spring brought me back to sewing clothes. As I mentioned I used to sew almost everything few years ago. In three months it resulted in a pair of jeans, knee length jeans, a shirt, a dress, undies.. and some unfinished projects. A few months later, this weekend seemed the right time to cut another shirt and plan the next jeans. Just because a trip to the fabric shop /for shirt fabric/ made me buy denim for my next jeans, I decided to make a pair for someone else first! It is absolutely rational and no contradictions here! I get the pattern pieces from old comfy jeans and my pair of jeans pattern drafting process will be all nice in every aspect but the time spent testing alternations.So I am picking the straight forward project first - chinos to jeans with no further alternations.

More on the concept and my experience so far, on the old blog post. I will post more on the process shortly - how the pattern is taken and how it feels to get the pattern of a comfy pair of jeans and multiply them. Here is a glimpse of jeans #1 - the original pair on the top and the new incarnation with longer legs, bigger waist and higher rise on the bottom. You can see part of the prep work on the original pair.
sewing jeans form a comfy pair without ripping it
I am busy with ripping new fabric to transfer the pattern pieces now. Have just brought the fabric home - 6 sq m instead of 1! I switched the fabric type and offered generous 50% discount, so I bought enough for lots of clothes.

Wishing you a fantastic week! It is a warm summer with morning like that smell like mountain or autumn. Love this period!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Entry in the Spoonflower Weekly Contest Backpacks

Here is my entry in the current weekly contest on Spoonflower.

Please vote for it if you like it.

Here is the voting page. Hit the "Vote in this week's contest" field on the right and go to the entries list. Than select your faves /they will get green border and tick like the picture above/ and submit your vote.

Thank you for your time and support. This is one of my favorite designs so far and it receives lots of likes on the Spoonflower site so I hope it gets noticed in the contest.

My City Gym Shorts

It is hot, hot summer here. The breeze is refreshing, but the humidity is awful. So little, roomy and on the tiny side clothes help bear with these days. The Purl Bee City Gym Shorts came in the perfect moment for me.
my City Gym Shorts from The Purl Bee pattern
A quick trip to the shop for a couple of fabrics per pair /two pairs planned/, soaking and cutting on Friday and a couple of hours sewing on Saturday and they were almost done.

My newest rose - pink and green

Flowers are one of my passions. Roses in all forms and fields - drawing, post stamps, prints, quilting and gardening. There was time when roses were something kind of unavailable as I did not have a garden. I still don't have one and yet roses live here. I had to kill a few mini roses in pots in order to make growing them at home possible. Only one of them survived 3 years; the previous ones -  just a few months /see end of this post for tips on successful rose at home gardening strategy and tips/

I buy roses for my mom's garden and I used to feel sorry I couldn't have one at home. The three years success encouraged me and I have now 2 garden roses in pots. It is their second year in my winter garden and they feel good. One bloomed this Easter, the other will be bloming in a week.

The greatest thing about garden roses in a pot is the fragrance. Most minis won't give you more than visual pleasure. Garden ones feel the air with their aroma!

The lost of the first successful rose and the flowering plants of the same type in moms garden this spring, made me search for a new plant for my garden. The pink roses here are from moms roses of this kind. And I found one. One glorious bushy pot among yellowish, dried pots in the garden shop. So I brought it home shaded with the shop brochure in the sunniest afternoon of that week and gave it a good shower to welcome it. 

It has no aroma, it has no new buds now, but  it has greenish buds, blooms in pink and fades in green and, to be even more special, it cuts the faded flowers itself. Looking forward to next blooms while the last of the store-bought flowers last.

And here are all the new growths on my first garden rose - 6 new shoots in a week!
Would love a rose in your all-pots garden too and usure how it works? 

It is brilliantly simple - fresh air. You have to pot it in a place it will receive plenty of fresh air. The only difference between my survivor and the ones that did not made it was the side of the window they lived on. Put it outside and it will be happy. Winter garden for the winter is OK, as long as fresh air comes in regularly. Than tune the watering regime and it will be more than happy. Small post require daily watering during hot months. 

Chilly months watering is another thing to pay attention to - I lost my pioneer rose with too little water in early spring. Too much water is bad but too little may it kill it too. Be careful and watch for  its needs. I just did not have the time... and they were little plants.
I have not forgotten it is a sewing-quilting blog too. Just finished my Saturday sewing project and will post it later today. It is fast, comfortable and really beautiful!

Monday, 11 August 2014

July Quilt Adventures - Part 3 - Completed Watercolor Garden Quilt

Here is the post, I promised to post earlier /with a hand hurt and many things to do, blogging /and all the sewing suffer and get done later than planned/.

The quilt journey went much smoother after the two days of ripping quilting stitches.
Watercolor Garden Quilt - quilting
The quilt got quilted with a single dahlia flower and bubbles around it.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July Quilt Adventures - Part Two

The second part of the making of my July quilt was the most unexpected, I could have.

The top was almost ready when I had to chose the fifth fabric and I picked a fabric ready for the blue quilt - it matched the blue flower print and added a nice border. The all chopped and sliced flowers dilemma was quick and straightforward to  solve - fabric paint. I drew a bit of flowers and aided a little colour to the printed ones here and there. A few little touches made it all wrap together beautifully.

Watercolor Garden quilt top

Forgotten sewing projects - Knee lenght jeans with 8 pockets

Yesterday I promised a post about some sewing projects with a dress and a shirt in mind, but I see now, a pair of jeans has been forgotten for even longer, so I will show it today instead. These are jeans sewn in May.

Monday, 4 August 2014

July Quilt Adventures - Part One

I was so excited about my fabrics, I left my July quilt post after the weekend and here it is - a very special and adventurous quilt.

I will tell you about it a few posts. My other blog  /in Bulgarian/ gets daily post about its progress and I will share this process here too. I need more than a single post as it was a long way and lots of things changed. I started with the fabrics box, size and theme and moved all the way to a completed quilt with lots of changes. It was a up to 80cm x 100cm quilt  and the the theme was "Flower Garden". It is my application for the annual exhibition of the national quilting guild.  It is the third one and and the first one I will /hopefully/ take part in. So I wanted it all go smooth and nice and make up for the previous two years I was not able to participate. I had less that two weeks time... So here is the story:
The fabric for July quilt

I chose the fabrics to use: 5 floral prints and the patchwork style and design - little 1" squares, watercolor effect and lots of flowers on it. I was dreaming for a watercolor quilt for years and it was never the right time for it, so I though the moment had come. I also wanted a all flowers quilt and here was the chance to have them both in a single quilt - win-win combo.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Belated Birthday Gift

This is my gift to me, yesterday I promised to show today:
 It is my first Spoonflower swatches and I am happy with them!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Hello August

So happy it is August now!

July was a busy, crazy, stressful month. I started a blog post about the previous 2 weeks earlier today and the plan was to edit and publish it now. But I won't.

I got mail today - a couple of hours ago! My belated birthday present is here! I ordered it quite after the day and was not expecting it before mid August. It was waiting for me for days instead. It was a fast flight over the ocean and I am more than excited now! I promise more and pictures tomorrow.

I will tell you something about the previous two weeks after the birthday present reveal and about a new quilt too - my greatest quilting adventure so far. So stay tuned for daily post.

Here is my gift to all you - a promise for a magical month, I think - picture taken at sunset 2 days ago - dolphin swimming to the sun:

sunset dolphin
Happy August!

Note to self: don't waste time writing post that won't be published  before you exit the blog. After all they have never been published so far.