Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Forgotten sewing projects - Knee lenght jeans with 8 pockets

Yesterday I promised a post about some sewing projects with a dress and a shirt in mind, but I see now, a pair of jeans has been forgotten for even longer, so I will show it today instead. These are jeans sewn in May.

Following a happy tradition, I bought a nice present for myself this Christmas - a jeans sewing class. OK, it was one of my presents to me. I need to move the post about it from the old blog - it is a nice class and I will have to chat a lot about it here if I don't. The class result was a pair of jeans in mid spring and I moved to a spring version - heavy weight short jeans with seven pockets and a bit twisted and pleated legs in sandy colour.

Here is part of the process, I find the stages and the path of making inspiring, so I keep taking pictures for myself. These "in-the-makes" shot help my find my mojo if it gets lost.

thread, zippers and fabric for my short twisted jeans

all cut and ready to sew into a pair of jeans
I shortened zippers for these ones. And also bought 5 different jeans buttons, just in case something gets damaged or the recipient wouldn't like the first one, I grabbed at the shop.

These were test jeans. I modified previously modified commercial pattern. I took one from outgrown jeans and modified it into wearable jeans /the class result jeans/, but wanted some straight leg jeans this time - a preparatory pair for selvedge denim. Thus the shorter version - knee length. The fabric was too little /and I found it too late - everything cut and the jeans were almost ready / so I had to improvise. No muslin pair meant twisted legs too, so I combined them with the short jeans improv into something unexpected and still wearable.


You can see the little patches added to the front and back of the knee area. these are little pieces form the fabric left after cutting the original pattern pieces. Since the fabrics was heavy weight denim, I had to stitch these little patches down to reduce bulk.

The side pocket was another on the go decision. The fabric was not just too short. It has a hole close to one selvage too. I had to trow the fabric or add a pocket. This adds one more for a total of 8 pockets! I thought they are "only" seven!

Thank you for reading all of this!

I promise a shorter and more beautiful post about my July quilt tomorrow!

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