Friday, 1 August 2014

Hello August

So happy it is August now!

July was a busy, crazy, stressful month. I started a blog post about the previous 2 weeks earlier today and the plan was to edit and publish it now. But I won't.

I got mail today - a couple of hours ago! My belated birthday present is here! I ordered it quite after the day and was not expecting it before mid August. It was waiting for me for days instead. It was a fast flight over the ocean and I am more than excited now! I promise more and pictures tomorrow.

I will tell you something about the previous two weeks after the birthday present reveal and about a new quilt too - my greatest quilting adventure so far. So stay tuned for daily post.

Here is my gift to all you - a promise for a magical month, I think - picture taken at sunset 2 days ago - dolphin swimming to the sun:

sunset dolphin
Happy August!

Note to self: don't waste time writing post that won't be published  before you exit the blog. After all they have never been published so far. 

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