Monday, 4 August 2014

July Quilt Adventures - Part One

I was so excited about my fabrics, I left my July quilt post after the weekend and here it is - a very special and adventurous quilt.

I will tell you about it a few posts. My other blog  /in Bulgarian/ gets daily post about its progress and I will share this process here too. I need more than a single post as it was a long way and lots of things changed. I started with the fabrics box, size and theme and moved all the way to a completed quilt with lots of changes. It was a up to 80cm x 100cm quilt  and the the theme was "Flower Garden". It is my application for the annual exhibition of the national quilting guild.  It is the third one and and the first one I will /hopefully/ take part in. So I wanted it all go smooth and nice and make up for the previous two years I was not able to participate. I had less that two weeks time... So here is the story:
The fabric for July quilt

I chose the fabrics to use: 5 floral prints and the patchwork style and design - little 1" squares, watercolor effect and lots of flowers on it. I was dreaming for a watercolor quilt for years and it was never the right time for it, so I though the moment had come. I also wanted a all flowers quilt and here was the chance to have them both in a single quilt - win-win combo.

All of the fabrics above came from the box and I decided to use the ones in the middle for my Flower Garden quilt.
Flower Garden Quilt strips

Then I cut fabrics into 1-1/2" strips and saw them together. Meanwhile fabrics where replaced and I decided to go on with just 4 fabrics and add the fifth at the very end of top construction.

The choosing part was little adventure as I wanted them all flowery, romantic, low contrast and pastel colours /low volume quilt was my idea/ and some of the fabrics wouldn't be enough for the idea I was to sew.

A few hours later I changed the choices once again - the lowest one with leaves was out and feathers came to replace them. The highest one on the picture was out too and it was the one to wait for the almost-read- top stage to get replacement.
Watercolour quilt blocks

So patches were coming together - tiny and flowery and the whole thing got riskier as all the flowers got cut more or less, but mainly more... Here came the polite ways my family told me to change the plan while I still had the time... It all got cut and chopped and almost all over the same...
Watercolour quilt patches

I still thought it will come out beautifully together and the adventure continued.

Come over the day after tomorrow for more on my watercolor quiltitng adventure!
And drop in tomorrow for a forgotten sewing project of mine.

Happy week!

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