Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July Quilt Adventures - Part Two

The second part of the making of my July quilt was the most unexpected, I could have.

The top was almost ready when I had to chose the fifth fabric and I picked a fabric ready for the blue quilt - it matched the blue flower print and added a nice border. The all chopped and sliced flowers dilemma was quick and straightforward to  solve - fabric paint. I drew a bit of flowers and aided a little colour to the printed ones here and there. A few little touches made it all wrap together beautifully.

Watercolor Garden quilt top
Watercolor Garden quilting thread

 The pattern that was on my list for years - the blooming nine patch - was spectacular on others quilts with solids /or with flowers and batiks/, but they all had one thing in common - lots of circles  /rectangles actually/ of patches. With limited quilt size and no motivation to go under one inch patches, I had too little fabrics and "circles".  Too little for gradual change and contrast in one area. So I chose focus circle instead  - blue flowers. It looked quite more disintegrated before piecing them together. So I liked the top, the back and the sandwich were ready, the thread was perfect - so far, so good.

The unexpected part was the quilting - I did not work.
the quilting, did not work

I tried roses and daisies and forget-me-nots, and swirls... And liked none of them
another quilting, did not work
The back was kind of acceptable, but the front was almost ugly... I need quilting to warp it together texturally and none of them did.

It took me 2 days to take out the stitches of half an hour quilting /done in bad light and with no glasses/. I had never ever spent so many hours removing stitches.

I can't show you more now as I post daily on my other blog and need to keep it secret until Friday.

Come back on Friday for the finished quilt! And tomorrow for some flowers!

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