Monday, 11 August 2014

July Quilt Adventures - Part 3 - Completed Watercolor Garden Quilt

Here is the post, I promised to post earlier /with a hand hurt and many things to do, blogging /and all the sewing suffer and get done later than planned/.

The quilt journey went much smoother after the two days of ripping quilting stitches.
Watercolor Garden Quilt - quilting
The quilt got quilted with a single dahlia flower and bubbles around it.
This type of quilting served the quilt top needs and my likes in quilting. It united the numerous patches and half sliced flowers on little patches. It gave the variety of size and texture I love so much. It also echoed the nested squares of different flower prints with a single circle with variable scale flower petals in it.

Watercolor Garden Quilt - binding strip

The binding was a quick one. No doubts, no options - I wanted it same fabric as the #5 fabric of the top. It gave some little more transition - no space for another round of sqуares, but a binding in they colour fabric instead.

Watercolor Garden Quilt - binding strip

The quilt is now enetered in the national patchwork excibition submissions list and I hope it will be approved.

The picture was taken with the quilt laying on the floor as my hand was hurt just a day before binding hand-sewing. So I managed to slowly fix the binding and opted for a delayed hanging sleeve. It is cut and stored now.

Come back tomorrow for the flowers I did not manage to show you last Thursday and I hope I will be able to buy some elastic tomorrow so I can show you what I saw this Saturday on Wednesday.

Happy new week!

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