Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Late summer thoughts in the heat of the city

Last week was the the first late summer rain week. I was told it will give the start of the the summer's end and it did sound odd, but the temperatures went down and the nights become cooler. A thing I do enjoy as it reminds me of the fresh mountain air and the crisp mornings by the pine trees.

I spend some time doodling and some time cutting pattern pieces for jeans #3 and a shirt. I also enjoyed the first batches of summer produce at home. Not grown here, but so yummy and adding colour and a bit of autumn smell to the kitchen. They convey autumn thoughts, I can't stop it.
summer fruits
Until today! It was a crazy day today. Crossing half of the city with a big paper bag /empty most of the time/, printing new business cards and thank you cards, buying fabrics and sending orders...  in 35C + forced me to feel the summer is still here. Especially in the rare situation I carry no water with me and my sun hat is by the door at home... although I spent hours in the syn. Then driving back in a car so "warmed" by the syn, the seat belt was hot. Fortunately I had some time in the studio - a no heat oasis in a day like today, cutting fabrics, packing orders, making bows and origami boxes.

The summer is still here and I like it! Hope you enjoy yours too!

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