Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My City Gym Shorts

It is hot, hot summer here. The breeze is refreshing, but the humidity is awful. So little, roomy and on the tiny side clothes help bear with these days. The Purl Bee City Gym Shorts came in the perfect moment for me.
my City Gym Shorts from The Purl Bee pattern
A quick trip to the shop for a couple of fabrics per pair /two pairs planned/, soaking and cutting on Friday and a couple of hours sewing on Saturday and they were almost done.

City Gym Shorts fabrics and pattern pieces

Well, I needed a couple of  hours per pair, as my hand is slow and sewing is painful.  I did not have the right type of elastic too. So I did not finish them this weekend. I finished them today, as I bought the elastic yesterday.
City Gym Shorts pattern pieces - berry and teal

I love the classic look and intuitive sewing. The City Gym Shorts pattern offers lost of sizes and one can easily add extra ones - smaller or larger if needed. The things I am not sure about yet are the waistband construction  /many layers / and the lack of a pocket /I will certainly add one later/.
City Gym Shorts pattern pieces - taupe

The sizing is elegant, but a size up makes them much better for the hot weather. Well not really elegant that way, but comfy. Both shorts are a size up as comfort is what they are made for.

I changed the color placement /and fabrics/ - different fabric binding on both shorts and different front and back on just one pair of them /red ones have calmer print on the back but it is still print and the same print too - just parts of it with more air/.

If you like City Gym Shorts, head to The Purl Bee, print and sew yours! The City Gym Shorts pattern is a nice one to work with.

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