Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sewing Time: Jeans #3 on the Way

This spring brought me back to sewing clothes. As I mentioned I used to sew almost everything few years ago. In three months it resulted in a pair of jeans, knee length jeans, a shirt, a dress, undies.. and some unfinished projects. A few months later, this weekend seemed the right time to cut another shirt and plan the next jeans. Just because a trip to the fabric shop /for shirt fabric/ made me buy denim for my next jeans, I decided to make a pair for someone else first! It is absolutely rational and no contradictions here! I get the pattern pieces from old comfy jeans and my pair of jeans pattern drafting process will be all nice in every aspect but the time spent testing alternations.So I am picking the straight forward project first - chinos to jeans with no further alternations.

More on the concept and my experience so far, on the old blog post. I will post more on the process shortly - how the pattern is taken and how it feels to get the pattern of a comfy pair of jeans and multiply them. Here is a glimpse of jeans #1 - the original pair on the top and the new incarnation with longer legs, bigger waist and higher rise on the bottom. You can see part of the prep work on the original pair.
sewing jeans form a comfy pair without ripping it
I am busy with ripping new fabric to transfer the pattern pieces now. Have just brought the fabric home - 6 sq m instead of 1! I switched the fabric type and offered generous 50% discount, so I bought enough for lots of clothes.

Wishing you a fantastic week! It is a warm summer with morning like that smell like mountain or autumn. Love this period!

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