Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Autumn Studio Plans

As weather gets colder, I need new studio reorganization. Moving fabric, and machine, maybe tables... and displays... is inevitable. I tend to make different things in cooler months and I also prefer some walls over others too - catching sun beams in the working areas and inspiration from the windows view...

reflections corner in the studio
So instead of focusing on my new love and managing the learning curve it came with, I will move things around. Not sure how many times. Already broke something today. I  have ordered and received something /this morning/, wrote down some things to buy/get... and do my best to stick to the plan... as sewing all the time is so tempting...

Monday, 29 September 2014

New Sewing Love

Life happens. It is amazing how unpredictable things may go. Fortunately in a good way.

I was planning some peaceful and happy stitching a pair of jeans out of beautiful heavy denim, gorgeous pocket fabric and nice threads... I decided to improve the pattern and make one more muslin /the first one was light fabric/. So I bought and soaked the fabric and carefully stored it for a night to cut it the next morning /the grey solid one on the picture below/. Perfect timing, great plans and smooth execution - steady and productive process. It was perfect for the first two weeks of school and all the little things that change with the new rhythm. My work was all under control and going.
plans and fabrics changed

Then something new had to be given a try. The new fabrics kept coming home with me and  buried the good plan...Just a small addition is shown here. And I am into it now! Everyday - pattern drafting, choosing fabrics, sewing lots and lots of toiles or samples... Just because it got colder here and I did need something myself due to the chills every morning.... Who knew how it would happen so fast? A crazy spring thought is taking shape because autumn has come earlier with grapes and chilly mornings

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Jeans Sewing Excitement Again

The fast pre-jeans project, I squeezed among other sewing projects was good. But it somehow was not perfect. It had classic cut pants pattern and I do want something more special.

sewing jeans - matching the thread and pockets fabric
So I bought and soaked another muslin fabric today and  the plan is to cut it tomorrow. Assuming the pattern tweaking, I did this weekend works... it may result in a denim fabric cut this weekend. And I have all the material and notions ready.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Pre-Jeans #3

Jeans #3 are all done. It took almost a month to finish them and only 3 days of sewing /for a total of 5 hours/. I started this Wednesday and had them ready on Friday.
front and back pices all done

Thursday, 18 September 2014

More Rodin and More Old Palace Details

Behind the door,  Rodin exhibition was unexpected in the gentle way it introduced some of Rodin's endeavors - assemblage, antique style details, process marks and more. A few texts on the walls and a film projection in a little hall just behind the main exposition halls made the feel of the studio almost tangible.

I was impressed by the interior - empty and eclectic

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rodin in Sofia - The Thinker and the Former Palace

My stay in Sofia last week was planned a month earlier, but a month so busy I didn't really had the energy to plan more than a few stops, write their names and addresses and put the list in my handbag just before leaving home. And I completely forgot about the Rodin exhibition!

I am not the greatest fan of Rodin, and honestly, I have always been drawn to painting and not so much to sculpture. It has something to do with my passion for colour. Still Matisse, Klimt and Rodin form a special trio in my mind and I was happy to see the poster on the gallery facade in my first early morning in Sofia. Looked like blessing and felt extra special frŠ¾m this very first moment. The crisp morning, the quit city, the mountain, the gardens and flowers and the anticipation of the exhibition, that was there for month, but I managed to get near it a few days before its close date...

The Thinker - the center of Rodin's exhibition
The Thinker was something I knew, I will see there. I did not know how it will look in the hall. All the process scars on its skin, all the artists' marks on the body and the toes! /love the in-progress look they have!/ and the perfect symmetry and rhythm on the hall walls decorations... They looked great together.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

City Spa - Rodin, Patchwork, Shopping and Laughter

If you think of the city gym shorts when you read "city spa", you are just like me - very happy with them and always appreciating a few hours of great fun. Well, it was more than a few hours and even more than a couple of days last week.

My city gym shorts traveled the country with me during my unexpected blog vacation.  I though of posting some short post every day with a picture or two/scheduling some ans squeezing others among my daily tasks. However my to do list was about to explode so I had to take a short blog break.

The best thing about the spa and the vacation was, the shorts were just a little, tiny part of the fun and joy I had. The spa included: Rodin, patchwork exhibition /and lovely people to meet too/, shopping /I won't count here how many things I saw and what I brought home - it was just right/, laughing with a special friend, new things to learn, great food to taste and a mountain peaking behind the buildings... a few days recharging for the new season.

Here is the glimpse of Rodin's exhibition. I know, it is only the hall, but isn't it fantastic?
The palace hall, where Roden extibion was presented

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hello September!

I can't believe it is the start of September and the second chestnut week too. Chestnuts usually start falling mid September here. But I do like the roses flowering on the balcony and a nice evening rain plus some bonus wet hair. Both checked today! With all the extras - dark skies early in the evening, lightnings and thunders, peaceful rain to contrast the dramatic skies and lightnings...

rose on the balcony today
I have written lots of things today - mostly plans for fixing unexpected issues I have to manage tomorrow and I did finish the Watercolor Garden quilt hanging sleeve so I could send it in time for the annual national exhibition starting in a week.