Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Autumn Studio Plans

As weather gets colder, I need new studio reorganization. Moving fabric, and machine, maybe tables... and displays... is inevitable. I tend to make different things in cooler months and I also prefer some walls over others too - catching sun beams in the working areas and inspiration from the windows view...

reflections corner in the studio
So instead of focusing on my new love and managing the learning curve it came with, I will move things around. Not sure how many times. Already broke something today. I  have ordered and received something /this morning/, wrote down some things to buy/get... and do my best to stick to the plan... as sewing all the time is so tempting...

Miss my daily early morning walks but love the way things get together.

Hopefully I will see the squirrels pretty soon.
morning friends
 And the early morning sun in the Garden...
love this light

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