Tuesday, 16 September 2014

City Spa - Rodin, Patchwork, Shopping and Laughter

If you think of the city gym shorts when you read "city spa", you are just like me - very happy with them and always appreciating a few hours of great fun. Well, it was more than a few hours and even more than a couple of days last week.

My city gym shorts traveled the country with me during my unexpected blog vacation.  I though of posting some short post every day with a picture or two/scheduling some ans squeezing others among my daily tasks. However my to do list was about to explode so I had to take a short blog break.

The best thing about the spa and the vacation was, the shorts were just a little, tiny part of the fun and joy I had. The spa included: Rodin, patchwork exhibition /and lovely people to meet too/, shopping /I won't count here how many things I saw and what I brought home - it was just right/, laughing with a special friend, new things to learn, great food to taste and a mountain peaking behind the buildings... a few days recharging for the new season.

Here is the glimpse of Rodin's exhibition. I know, it is only the hall, but isn't it fantastic?
The palace hall, where Roden extibion was presented

By the way, things got even more dynamic the following weekend with some driving and a trip to the nearest cape and the view of the vast, blue sea bellow it.The cape was just an extra treat actually as it was added bonus to another trip.

I was blessed with the perfect weather in both Sofia and cape Kaliakra and I had some pictures to share. I will do it as soon as I menage to get a decent dose of sleep this week.

Autumn cleaning, Christmas preparation and new school year keep me as busy as possible.

See you tomorrow with more pictures!

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