Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hello September!

I can't believe it is the start of September and the second chestnut week too. Chestnuts usually start falling mid September here. But I do like the roses flowering on the balcony and a nice evening rain plus some bonus wet hair. Both checked today! With all the extras - dark skies early in the evening, lightnings and thunders, peaceful rain to contrast the dramatic skies and lightnings...

rose on the balcony today
I have written lots of things today - mostly plans for fixing unexpected issues I have to manage tomorrow and I did finish the Watercolor Garden quilt hanging sleeve so I could send it in time for the annual national exhibition starting in a week.

  final inches of hand stitching
 I can't help sharing how much better a hot, hot /and I mean not only temperatures, but stress too/ September feels with the City Gym shorts. No, I am not using them "correctly"- just home office dress code, but a colorful one.

packing for Christmas ans the shop
I have a big bag of Christmas beauties ready for the shop. I just need to take some pictures of them and they will go to it. "Just"feels so relaxed in a busy day that feels every good light moment with every possible thing but taking pictures... Most likely they will be in the shop by end of the week. Love Christmas preparation!

I am not surprised, I had no time for the blog and the pictures in the camera lately. Just a minute to share the ones above.

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