Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Jeans Sewing Excitement Again

The fast pre-jeans project, I squeezed among other sewing projects was good. But it somehow was not perfect. It had classic cut pants pattern and I do want something more special.

sewing jeans - matching the thread and pockets fabric
So I bought and soaked another muslin fabric today and  the plan is to cut it tomorrow. Assuming the pattern tweaking, I did this weekend works... it may result in a denim fabric cut this weekend. And I have all the material and notions ready.

next jeans in fabric

Denim fabric is just perfect - drape, weight, tone... feel... I even matched the tread and pocket bags fabric as you can see on picture #1. A zipper/buttons dilemma away from cutting /if pattern gets approved/.

I spiced the day with some lingerie sewing and more patterns on the table - drafting and tweaking...
The cooler days and chilly mornings inspire knits sewing... And I like it.

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