Thursday, 18 September 2014

More Rodin and More Old Palace Details

Behind the door,  Rodin exhibition was unexpected in the gentle way it introduced some of Rodin's endeavors - assemblage, antique style details, process marks and more. A few texts on the walls and a film projection in a little hall just behind the main exposition halls made the feel of the studio almost tangible.

I was impressed by the interior - empty and eclectic

Among all little figures, I was drawn by the Meditation figure.

Meditation by Rodin - leg missing

It looked like levitation at first and proved to be a version with no legs. Thus exploring the impact of "unfinished" figures - ones with missing parts. The Meditation /with legs/ figure did look more common and less interesting next to it.

Meditation by Rodin - with both legs

The assemblage method - I think of it like LEGO process  /assembling feet, legs, torsos, arms, head... etc/ looked so interesting too.  Its variation - taking out just an element - a foot, hand or leg - makes a statement of its own. Loved this idea.
Rodins- assemblage method
The center of the exhibition was the Thinker - expected, seen on pictures and still very impressive:
The Thinker by Rodin
The central hall of the exibition with the Walking man
You can see the Walking man on the picture above. His foot was a sculpture of its own in another hall. Sadly, I had to save my camera battery and did not take a picture of it.
Rodins' Thinker - back
The Thinker's back and the Palace special detail above it.

And I admired some more details. The lovely table and the gentle grey on the walls:
The percfect grey minimalism in a Palace
The glass and the gymsum Rodin worked with:
gypsum and white glass

more spare parts
Plus a different angle and a glimpse of the Walking man's foot.

And finally the entrance, the staircase and some other little details - all behind the walls containing Rodin's work. I will show them shortly in a separate post, as this one is quite long already.

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