Monday, 29 September 2014

New Sewing Love

Life happens. It is amazing how unpredictable things may go. Fortunately in a good way.

I was planning some peaceful and happy stitching a pair of jeans out of beautiful heavy denim, gorgeous pocket fabric and nice threads... I decided to improve the pattern and make one more muslin /the first one was light fabric/. So I bought and soaked the fabric and carefully stored it for a night to cut it the next morning /the grey solid one on the picture below/. Perfect timing, great plans and smooth execution - steady and productive process. It was perfect for the first two weeks of school and all the little things that change with the new rhythm. My work was all under control and going.
plans and fabrics changed

Then something new had to be given a try. The new fabrics kept coming home with me and  buried the good plan...Just a small addition is shown here. And I am into it now! Everyday - pattern drafting, choosing fabrics, sewing lots and lots of toiles or samples... Just because it got colder here and I did need something myself due to the chills every morning.... Who knew how it would happen so fast? A crazy spring thought is taking shape because autumn has come earlier with grapes and chilly mornings

autumn at home
I will keep it secret for a week or so now as my new love deserves pictures. It is a whole new world for me and I could not stop diving into it. My diving experience has nothing to do with oceans. It is always something crafty and fiber so far. And this month's discovery is absolutely inspiring and I do enjoy it. Just like I enjoy these violas, I had to buy when I saw them:

my violas - colrfil and vivid
The hours I spend drafting, testing, looking for materials and climbing the learning curve may lead to more no blog posts days next week. I promise my new love reveal soon on the blog.

Wishing you a lovely week!

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