Friday, 19 September 2014

Pre-Jeans #3

Jeans #3 are all done. It took almost a month to finish them and only 3 days of sewing /for a total of 5 hours/. I started this Wednesday and had them ready on Friday.
front and back pices all done

The fabric was cut on Aug 22nd, late in the eventing - just as you you think looking at the picture with poor light.
marked late ta night

The leggs were assempled on Thursday,

a waitband, belt loops and hem away from being ready to wear
and they are all all done on Friday.

Since this is functional muslin, I am technically ready with pre-jeans and need denim for #4 jeans.

I have to admit, one of the best things in the process was looking in the pattern pieces taped to the wall for three weeks. Odd and nice at the same time.
taped to the wall

Here are the pre-jeans on their way to the washing machine:
pre-jeans #3

Colour is a bit off here - long day and a no sun picture...

I used quite heavy stay stitching - too obvious and not really elegant but it was the faster and sturdier way to get them done with minimal machine stitch tweaking. I used a special buttonhole though. Its worth using it even on muslin. Finally a button from the jeans-to-be buttons bag finished this pair.

The next /jeans #4 using almost the same pattern/ might be all buttons closure... Not sure yet.

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