Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rodin in Sofia - The Thinker and the Former Palace

My stay in Sofia last week was planned a month earlier, but a month so busy I didn't really had the energy to plan more than a few stops, write their names and addresses and put the list in my handbag just before leaving home. And I completely forgot about the Rodin exhibition!

I am not the greatest fan of Rodin, and honestly, I have always been drawn to painting and not so much to sculpture. It has something to do with my passion for colour. Still Matisse, Klimt and Rodin form a special trio in my mind and I was happy to see the poster on the gallery facade in my first early morning in Sofia. Looked like blessing and felt extra special frоm this very first moment. The crisp morning, the quit city, the mountain, the gardens and flowers and the anticipation of the exhibition, that was there for month, but I managed to get near it a few days before its close date...

The Thinker - the center of Rodin's exhibition
The Thinker was something I knew, I will see there. I did not know how it will look in the hall. All the process scars on its skin, all the artists' marks on the body and the toes! /love the in-progress look they have!/ and the perfect symmetry and rhythm on the hall walls decorations... They looked great together.

The poster at the entrance with the monarchy symbols on the door - His Majesty letters on it.They are written in Cyrillic "His" being written like "Негово". One could not tell it looking at the letters - its is coincidence actually.
exhibition entrance and the palace door

And here is the detail again:
Palace door detail
And the moment I was in a different exhibition - looking at the interaction between the place /the palace/ and the sculptures, and the stories on the walls - both written by the gallery and the ones conveyed by the time.

I will leave the door open in my blog now and come back tomorrow with the rest of the pictures of Rodin sculptures and some more palace details. I was too impressed by the duo not to take pictures of some odd things too. Not too many unfortunately, as I needed my camera battery for one more exhibition later the same day.

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