Friday, 17 October 2014

Autumn Walks by the Flowers - Violas in the Garden /a Week Ago/

Autumn is very beautiful here. It comes later than expected, delayed by the traditional Indian summer. The first signs of autumn ca be seen in the flower beds by the sea. The morning chills take just a few hours but the summer flowers are replaced because they can not stand them. Welcome violas! Good buy summer flowers!
the violas medalion

I was happy to see the finished replacement during my walk today a week ago. The patches of vivid colours are now striry violas. Begonias are gone and violas rein.

Here is the medallion of begonias in its viols incarnation you saw in above and the "down-the alley"view with stripes of violas. I love the patchwork look this alley has every season:
violas on the alley
 And "up-the-alley" look with the monument and a bit angled camera to get the beautiful violas as close as possible, and as many as possible too.
violas on the alley - patches of colour
 One more picture - can not get enough of them downwards -medallion and alley stripes.
violas on the alley - patches of colour and a medalion

 Look so beautiful below the green trees. Nothing shows it is autumn but the violas on this alley. They convey cold winter air:

the green tress and the violas
The light on this pictures is realistic - they are early morning ones. Thus the magic in the air

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