Friday, 31 October 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2014: Watercolor Garden Quilt

With many things going wrong lately, I have not completed a quilt after this one, so this is how it become my entry for this fall Blogger's Quilt Festival.
Watercolor Garden Quilt hanging

This is a very special quilt to me - it incorporates low volume patches, watercolor effect, blooming nine patch and flowers prints as well as new take on a traditional blocks. I was tempted to make a quilt with each of these things lately and surprisingly I was able to make a single quilt with all of them. A happy and a bit unrealistic though that happened to materialize in a all dreamed quilts in one quilt!

Not everything went smoothly though. The fabrics were a challenge and  it is still incomplete in one aspect. Originally this quilt was planned as one of two quilts, the other being a much more saturated one and a bit more structured due to higher contrast and higher volume.

Watercolor Garden Quilts fabric choices
I was interested in the volume changing the overall impression of a very simple patches layout.
Watercolor Garden Quilt

I managed to hurt my leading hand just before hand-sewing the binding. And hurt it so so bad, I had to be very careful with it for 2 months, so the second quilt is on hold. Fortunately the problem was fixed with some joints reordered a bit a week ago and I will make the second one. Next January maybe...
Watercolor Garden Quilt center detail

I hope you like this one as I like it and it will inspire you to make your almost impossible ideas possible too. I smile now, recalling everyone telling me this fabrics just won't make a decent quilt, or the gradation visible at all with so low volume, so large scale prints and so random-looking selection... A few days later, it  was the quilting that would not do and will chop the fractured piecing even more... or the binding not working...
Watercolor Garden Quilt back

Well, sometimes what you envision does prove to be possible and it is a nice thing to know and relay on.  Wishing you many happy idea realizations! And enjoy the twists of it too!

What I really love most in every project, I work on is the path. I let it be and let it happen. Let it follow the original idea or turn  a bit another way. I kind of  listen to what it is telling me on the way. This will do and this will not... one things kept, another changed, simplified, or made bolder/calmer... A quilt lives when completed and used but it is per-completed life is very interesting too. Well I just wrote ''quilt'' ... I do it with cooking, drawing actually... almost everything /the respect the path thing/, but for quilts - is much safer than baking, so do it!
Watercolor Garden Quilt back detail

Here is the row of blooming nine patches on the back Same fabrics and blocks  as front side but in reverse order. So different and I love it.

For more about this quilt, see what I blogged about its creation process here.

This quilt will live on a wall here. I just need someone to shorten a hanging rod a few inches. This weekend hopefully.

See all the beautiful quilts in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I saw really amazing quilts there and I see myself coming for more shortly! My quilt is entered in its Small Quilts category.

You can see all categories, vote, enjoy the festival and win too:


  1. Very interesting concept and the outcome is stunning! Love it, you got my vote.

  2. Trust your intuition! When they say it can't be done just keep going with your vision. It could be a flop, but you won't know unless you try it. Well done.