Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Very First Pattern Is For Sale Now!

I am excited! Stepping into pattern making is something I was planning for a year. Finally it is a fact!
My number one instant downloadable PDF pattern is in the shop now and I am working on the next ones. The very first pattern is my best selling pincushion. It is a versatile little project - instant gratification with as little materials as possible and great charm potential.

flower pincushion instant download pattern by domoshar studios

As my quilty projects, this one - the patterns project - took leaps and turns and happened a bit different than expected. I love changes and this makes me happy actually. The reason is another project that keeps me busy all the time this autumn. So fulfilling the start of the pattern-making dream amid a new project is a good thing.

The original plan was a more complex pattern and although it is 90% completed, I had to choose something far more simple and manageable for the start.

I love my customers now have the choice to buy a pincushion  or make it themselves.

my flower pincushions in origamy boxes

 I am very happy with this first product and its features:
  • it is printer friendly - no pictures, no thick lines, no many pages. Looks good in black scale and colour printing.
  • it is user friendly - no  drafting, no calculations, no tracing, no gluing. Just print and cut pattern piece.
  • it is Eco-friendly - just one page to be printed. Pattern pieced and all the illustrated process instructions are on it. The rest of the pages are informative but not a-must printing.
  • it is personal and authentic - the illustrations are all drawn by hand. I drew then scan and digitized them. They have that special made by hand look.
The learning curve for making your own patterns for sales was interesting thing to deal with. With some reading, research and a friend it was fun actually. I had to thank my friend properly one day. As soon as she gets her blog running. 

One thing that looks tricky with patterns is the selling rights. I saw different approaches here - to prohibit selling the finished items, to allow cottage license, to allow it... I choose to allow. For many reasons, I believe it helps people. A mention or credit would be nice. Will see how it goes.

What is your experience with downloadable patterns?

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