Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pre Christmas Pictures - Pincushions Finally Shot

It is almost Christmas here - boxes and bows everywhere and conquerring tables and the ironing table too.....
I am playing hide-and-seek with the light lately. It is dark and I need some minutes a day to take pictures.

Here are some I managed to take yesterday. Love the colour and the light in the tissue. Enjoying light these days! Pincushions time! Pincushions in origami boxes. Pincushions that sometimes carry wedding rings. Love how ingenious some people are. Ii did not even think about it myself but my customers do.

 Can you see the colour hunger here? The neon tissue.... I think I would never use it in a sunny day. On a gloomy one however - just perfect!

 And on the go to blues... and greens with some beige...
 and back to pink and violet:

Made these cushions as a pattern test. They turned nice, went to the shop and I am almost done with Christmas preparations there.

Now on to jeans and lingerie sewing. So /or sew!/ excited!

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