Sunday, 19 October 2014

White Christmas Mini Dolls Collection

It is preChristmas time and Christmas decoration is going into my shop.

White Christmas collection - owls
I have these little dolls ready for a while waiting for holiday season. Yes, summer is the perfect time to get ready for Christmas. I remember finding the May mitts in Elizabeth Zimmerman's book of projects. May, she wrote, is the perfect time to start Christmas gifts knitting. Brilliant!

With them around, making pictures of them ... I forgot to show them on the blog. So here they are!
White Christmas collection - little trees

Owls are something I keep creating for years - so cute, so little, so heart-melting! Making them almost all-over white was a Christmas thing.
The little hand-printed details and red prints add just a touch of colour.  What I really love about this White Christmas collection, is the fact they are white and they are Christmassy, but they look just perfect in other seasons too. No "Christmas", "Santa" or "Rudolf"prints on them. No Christmas tree prints, or ribbons, snowflakes... It is just something white before and after Christmas.

I am adding white Christmas trees this year - almost white. The unbleached cotton is delicately embroiderred and than the tree is formed with many little hand stitches. It is meditative thing to do. Calm and magical - every stitch making it more tree-like.

More trees will enter the shop next week. I will than start something new.

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