Thursday, 20 November 2014

Appreciating Simple Things - Sewing for Myself

I am to take care of my hand and arm for a few weeks now. Most of the sewing is on hold. The jeans and the quilt/totes are on the table - folded and waiting.

As the pain /fortunately!/ faded yesterday, I took a special part of my fabric stash to celebrate it - the first piece of jersey I bought for a special project this summer. I decided to cut and sew it. Knits are easy to cut, and easy to feed into the machine so it looked like a no-harm-to-my-hand project.

I just love this print! Adorable! Placing on the table was a moment of joy!

Bought it for a pair of high waist panties. Cut, sewed and checked the fit yesterday. I only need to attach the bows today /tied yesterday/. Felt so good to sew something again. And sew a small project too. Done in a day from start to finish.So different than most of my projects - instant gratification and sewn for me!

See you tomorrow with the finished pair and some more lingerie projects. The patches of blue sky behind the clouds this morning promise some picture taking later today!

Wishing you a lovely day!

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