Sunday, 23 November 2014

Orange by the sunny sea...

It was a cold day today, but a sunny one too.
So we enjoyed the sun, and the weekend.
sun by the sea
Until a quarter past nine and an earthquake of 5.5M ... plus a few more in less than two hours /3.4M and less/.
So I am choosing the colour for the best of the day.
touches of orange

splashes of orange
With a tab with the earthquakes coordinates and magnitude on my computer,  it is the best I can do - enjoy the orange here!

Isn't it lovely? The orange boats... and the Cathedral and opera house behind.... /The Cathedral on the left just above and kind of before left edge of the left boat and Opera House is the big one in red./ Look so eclectic with the boats and the port in front... and I see patchwork in the blue building just between them....

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