Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a great Christmas. Ours was warm and beautiful - no snow, no chills, family and friends, sun and food. We even had a pre-Christmas falling star again to make up for the lack of snow, so I am really happy with it despite the no-snow part.
Christmas in a quilt

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Falling Stars Magic In December

Falling starts are like four-leaves clovers and dolphins for me - seeing them brings magic in the moment no matter how difficult it might happen to be.

a falling star
I saw one last night and I hope I could see more this night.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas preparations and drawstring bags

I have been preparing Christmas by the end November for year. But not this one. So I am getting close to the moment I have to pay special attention and get some Christmas decorations and gifts sorted and finished. I have less than two weeks and I am into sewing lingerie instead... new love and new obsession maybe...

fabric drawstring bags for gift wrapping this Chrsitmas

So I think I might get a bit traditional and use drawstring bags for Christmas gifts this year. I think some baking will happen and some paper folding too. No knitting this year and no jeans sewing yet, so drawstring bags still add something sewn to the gifts.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: Warmer Undies - Briefs and High Waist Panties

My Marlborough bra was born just before autumn and the lacy Lola panties seemed too summery for it.
So, I though of some autumn additions, as I mentioned earlier. These were meant to add comfort to wearing low-rise jeans in a chilly morning.

Here they are:

Much more coverage, than the lacy and low rise Lolas and same fabrics so they can make a nice combo with the Marlborough bra. Now more on the panties!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Mini Tree Doll Softy PDF Pattern

I am happy to announce my Chrsitmas Mini Tree Doll Softy PDF Pattern is now available on my Craftsy store.

It is a simple sewing project suitable for a novice sewer and producing an elegant and versatile mini tree.

What I really like about this mini doll is the simple shape. It is a cone, but a soft one, with delicate gathers on the bottom and soft look.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Giant Rabbit Applique!

It is high time I published a project completed this November. So here it is.
Big Rabbit Duvet Cover

 It is a custom order for a sleeping set - duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase.

The applique is what makes me smile. The customer was looking for a design with a rabbit, a cat and a giraffe and here is what I came with.
Big Rabbit Duvet Cover Close up

Just a drawing and all the preparations then ...
Someone  asked for a replica here, so I might be making a copy next year. 
Isn't it crazy? How big this rabbit is!

The Big Bunny Applique
I am not really into raw edge applique. However this one had to be appliqued this way and  felt nice actually.
All the wrinkle son the picture are mostly result of my impatience. I should have laid them carefully.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: My First Set of Lingerie - Lola Panties and Marlborough Bra!

I've been off and on the blog /busy, busy times/, on and off sewing /my hand being hurt/ lately and I blog more often in the last week, but almost no sewing quilting here. Well, I will correct it today with my first bra and panties set!

It is a milestone for me and I like it a lot. Lola Brazilian cut panties by Ohhh Lulu and Marlborough lace accented cup bra by Orange Lingerie.
Marlborough Bra and Lola Panties Lingerie Set

I sewed the panties a few months ago with the bra in mind and than the bra was done as a wearable muslin last month.

How to Overwinter Begonias in a Vase

It has been over ten days of no sewing here. Felt really odd and I did miss colours in the gloomy days, so I was happy to prepare the flowers for winter last week. I will tell you how I overwinter my begonias. Mine are Waterfall Encanto Begonias and every effort to keep them totally worths every minute it takes.

We had two different begonias this year, not counting the one that spent the winter at home /shown here/. So I needed colour coding and did it the simplest way possible.I will show you both the overwintering and the colour coding methods I like here.

By the Sea: End of November

Moments by the sea - calm or windy, blue or grey... love them!

This weekend sea time was calm - no chills,
sunny path and lovely blues...

Monday, 1 December 2014

December Magic! December Diving!

It was a steep start of the day - a fast cup of tea  and cleaning a windshield covered with ice /thankful I was able to open the doors/, saving geraniums and oxalis from the ice conquering their pots, driving across the city... shopping before 8am... first icicles on the window... All in about an hour and they all made the chills really tangible. December!
geranium flowerring in November

Geraniums leaves were covered with thin layer of brilliant ice and oxalis leaves were all drawn and helpless/dead/ in the water under the frost covering the pot... Saved them in the last moment. They were so different a few days ago!
Oxalis cooping with the clod

I have no advent calendar ready. The one, made last year is stored - paper envelopes with daily wishes and I just can't make something similar a year later. I though of boxes, but had no  time to buy some little treasures...  and bought erasers just a few weeks ago. So I guess it will be a no advent calendar December and I will make different tea every day instead. Easy and achievable!

Wishing a lovely December!