Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas preparations and drawstring bags

I have been preparing Christmas by the end November for year. But not this one. So I am getting close to the moment I have to pay special attention and get some Christmas decorations and gifts sorted and finished. I have less than two weeks and I am into sewing lingerie instead... new love and new obsession maybe...

fabric drawstring bags for gift wrapping this Chrsitmas

So I think I might get a bit traditional and use drawstring bags for Christmas gifts this year. I think some baking will happen and some paper folding too. No knitting this year and no jeans sewing yet, so drawstring bags still add something sewn to the gifts.

So far I have experimented with applique and embroidery and like how different each one is.

fabric drawstring bags for gift wrapping this Chrsitmas - cross stitch edition

I love how useful they are. Usually I think of them like travel bags - lingerie, shawls, even jewelry  or socks... the things  to get a wash can be put in a drawstring bag. But they are lovely gift wraps too. I love putting a kid toy into a bag. Sometimes a mini fabric shopping bag, sometimes a drawstring bag... They keep the gift secret and are way more useful than paper wrap after gift-giving.

All of these bags are added to my etsy shop.

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