Monday, 1 December 2014

December Magic! December Diving!

It was a steep start of the day - a fast cup of tea  and cleaning a windshield covered with ice /thankful I was able to open the doors/, saving geraniums and oxalis from the ice conquering their pots, driving across the city... shopping before 8am... first icicles on the window... All in about an hour and they all made the chills really tangible. December!
geranium flowerring in November

Geraniums leaves were covered with thin layer of brilliant ice and oxalis leaves were all drawn and helpless/dead/ in the water under the frost covering the pot... Saved them in the last moment. They were so different a few days ago!
Oxalis cooping with the clod

I have no advent calendar ready. The one, made last year is stored - paper envelopes with daily wishes and I just can't make something similar a year later. I though of boxes, but had no  time to buy some little treasures...  and bought erasers just a few weeks ago. So I guess it will be a no advent calendar December and I will make different tea every day instead. Easy and achievable!

Wishing a lovely December!

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