Saturday, 13 December 2014

Falling Stars Magic In December

Falling starts are like four-leaves clovers and dolphins for me - seeing them brings magic in the moment no matter how difficult it might happen to be.

a falling star
I saw one last night and I hope I could see more this night.

It was amazing coincidence to check for an earthquake somewhere else, when a fresh new dot started blinking on the site late in the evening yesterday. An earthquake had taken place 3 minus earlier, while typing the site's name actually,  and only 15km away from here... So I was not happy to find it out, nor to think whether it would happen again. Although 3,1M was not something we could feel here, it was too close to be just a fact regarding the lack of previous earthquakes in the area lately. We felt the 5,3 M many kilometers away last month - it was a "good", long shake, but the "near "  /15km away/  3,1M was just a blink on the site.

A falling star was my little gift in this moment - bright, brilliant one in a light city sky. It should have been a really big one, as it bursted. It is one of few bursts I have seen and I can't explain the energy they bring. Natural fireworks!

The peak of the failing starts this December in the northern hemisphere, coming from Gemini constellation, and seen allover the sky is this night around 1am GMT on Sun Dec 14th.

Hoping it will be a clear sky night and everyone will see at least one magic star. Make a wish!

Wishing you all a magic December!

Image source: AvenueStory Blog

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