Saturday, 6 December 2014

Giant Rabbit Applique!

It is high time I published a project completed this November. So here it is.
Big Rabbit Duvet Cover

 It is a custom order for a sleeping set - duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase.

The applique is what makes me smile. The customer was looking for a design with a rabbit, a cat and a giraffe and here is what I came with.
Big Rabbit Duvet Cover Close up

Just a drawing and all the preparations then ...
Someone  asked for a replica here, so I might be making a copy next year. 
Isn't it crazy? How big this rabbit is!

The Big Bunny Applique
I am not really into raw edge applique. However this one had to be appliqued this way and  felt nice actually.
All the wrinkle son the picture are mostly result of my impatience. I should have laid them carefully.

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