Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: My First Set of Lingerie - Lola Panties and Marlborough Bra!

I've been off and on the blog /busy, busy times/, on and off sewing /my hand being hurt/ lately and I blog more often in the last week, but almost no sewing quilting here. Well, I will correct it today with my first bra and panties set!

It is a milestone for me and I like it a lot. Lola Brazilian cut panties by Ohhh Lulu and Marlborough lace accented cup bra by Orange Lingerie.
Marlborough Bra and Lola Panties Lingerie Set

I sewed the panties a few months ago with the bra in mind and than the bra was done as a wearable muslin last month.

Marlborough Bra and Lola Panties Lingerie Set - close up

What I love about this set is the match of lacy elements - they correspond to each other beautifully.
The little lacy detail on bra back was pure necessity - thread cutting extra. I cut a tiny hole in the mesh just after finishing the bra - while cutting the last thread.

What might make me like it even more - a warmer variation. Lots of air and as little as no warmth here with the all lacy back.

Marlborough Bra and Lola Panties Lingerie Set - back
I did it actually last month /the warmer variation/ and will show it in a few days!

I shared my thoughts on Lola and Marlborough on the blog earlier this autumn. I recommend both - easy, comprehensive, beautiful patterns. Just make a muslin. Especially for the bra if you have little "beautiful" fabric. My muslin turned to be off size. However it is still wearable, just not really perfect and I hope it will be better in warmer parts of the year. What I love is, it is supportive despite the off-size part and the fact I omitted the wires.

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  1. Adorable fabric choice. I love the Malborough bra. Bravo !