Monday, 8 December 2014

Lingerie Sewing Time: Warmer Undies - Briefs and High Waist Panties

My Marlborough bra was born just before autumn and the lacy Lola panties seemed too summery for it.
So, I though of some autumn additions, as I mentioned earlier. These were meant to add comfort to wearing low-rise jeans in a chilly morning.

Here they are:

Much more coverage, than the lacy and low rise Lolas and same fabrics so they can make a nice combo with the Marlborough bra. Now more on the panties!

The first ones are briefs. They are loosely based on the Ava Panties by Ohhh Lulu. I liked the idea and the style - classic and simple. The curves and rise are changed though, as my comfort zone is a bit different. Overall - a nice simple classic briefs. Whether you use Ava pattern or draw/draft  it yourself  it's comfortable and warm.

The second pair is a high waist one. It is the first wearable muslin of a self-drafted princess seam panties. They got improved after this first attempt and were reproduced a few times, one being shown here. Still, these ones above are comfy and approved.

You may notice I am not going into consistency with the bows. Each lingerie piece gets a bow colour of its own. The main "I am gorgeous" fabric is so colorful, it goes just perfect with lots of different bows and I fully enjoyed this. The bra itself is having a purple bow, which was not yet attached at the time of taking the picture above. You can see it here.

PS Mentioning Ava Panties, pattern, I have to say it is a nice and instant gratification one. You cut and sew in no time. Basicly straithforward, no details, just 3 pieces. And this includes the lining!

Depending on your figure and preference, this may be, or may not be the perfect style. For me, the princess panties are the ones to go for. And Ava is kind of basic winter necessity. If you are a walker you will know why.

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