Wednesday, 16 December 2015

December Sea

Did I say, I love walks by the sea? I did!

So here is something about them here, December walk by the sea a few kilometres away from the city. The small distance made such a great difference on a beach, that looks absolutely wild during the winter months:

brilliant light, clear chilly waters, 

empty wild beaches, framed with some stones piles so you can walk in the water from beach to beach... if only the water was warm...
... noble beige trees gracefully marking the forest rim,

the city behind water in the air... looking so far, far away...

If you have not visited my blog earlier, or have not happen to note this - the waters on the pictures are the Black sea. The pictures are taken on its coats south from Varna.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

10 days to Christmas! Gift Lists Thoughts...

I am soooo late with gifts this year, I am not sure I will make it.

I have a long list of things to make to give and another long list of things to do for the shops. So I might spent the last days before Christmas making the gift list items. I guess it will be all OK. If only I manage to get all the materials by then...

Christmas gift list

In the mean time, I spent some absolutely stolen minutes by the sea - 5 minutes before appointment, 5 after another appointment that took less time than expected... some hours during the weekend and sew knickers most of the time. I guess I will finally make everyone a Christmas quilt next year. I moved a bit further this year - piling fabric. I think it is better to be positive, call it a progress and store the fabrics for another 6 months /at least/ so I can decorate some time later this week. We have lots of small Christmas quilts anyway, so with bed quilts it will still be a quilty Christmas here.

How is your gift list going/ do you Have the gifts ready for packing/ Are you still doing other things instead?

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Indian Summer - Oven Mitts and Knickers

It is late Indian summer here - green grass, blue sea, sunny sky and golden leaves!

I am making some little kitchen aids for the shop, colourful like the trees outside. The peak of the holiday season is coming and I they are almost ready. I hope to finish them tomorrow /or by Friday for sure/. They are oven mitts - the ones that got warm welcome on Etsy. And lingerie too /more on this below/.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Quilt for a Little Lady

Loving to make baby and kids quilt, I was so happy to make this one last month! Going through the pictures now feeels so good - little ones quilts are so special!

It was a special custom order for a little girl. - as colourful and as bugs-friendly as possible for a sunny kid who loves little bugs.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Busy Days Here

A busy day is usually an interesting day. A fast one too - it starts and it gets to its end in what seems like a few moments. I have had some of these lately. So I broke a promise. Starting a day at 7am and calling it a day at 1am for a while and no time for blogging. I call it a busy period.

red and white checks high waist pin up knickers by bonboneva

But these were so interesting three weeks! The studio is covered with fabrics and lace /and tidy too!/, the computer - with pictures, and I have not started knitting yet this autumn. We had some beautiful roses and I took the chance and took some pictures of knickers  with them /more on these later this week/. I got my camera full every day, so I am not taking many pictures actually /not mentioning the products shooting/.

Oh, and the studio reorganization is still going on. I transformed some shelving just to find I can't buy more shelves and need to reassemble them again and built it all in the former style. With all the fabrics living on it it is not exactly my idea of a progress or a better state. So it got immediately a "postponed" status and went on sewing lingerie.

See you tomorrow! And I am sure this time as I will write the post right after posting this one. Organization, organization... it does help in busy periods.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Welcome Autumn! End of Blog Vacation!

The Black Sea sunny watres - August, Varna, Bulgaria
Three months off-the-blog have passed. The summer is over and the first cold day is today. The summer pictures, full of sunlight and vibrant colours will make up for the grey day otside.

I took a look at the publishing dates of the summer post here and not only they see a few, but just one or two a month, well, I know - no posts for August at all. So, the "Christmas in July" sale in the shop is still there - last days of early Christmas there. Hurry if you like an Christmas quilt checked on on your "to-do" list in October.

So here I am back on the blog, starting the holiday season in the studio and the blog seasons on the blog.

The studio is in transition to its new organization now and I still have bits of many things waiting for their new places. The cold days and poor light proved to be the perfect moment to disassemble and reassemble the shelves, and the boxes, and the piles, and the lists...  The lastest sewing project took place last week and the next one is tomorrow. Hopefully!

See you tomorrow with more September errands! Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Welcome, July! Christmas in July Quilts Sale!

I can't believe how quickly this year is going. It seems January storms were last week... and we have glorious sun again. And dolphins are coming to say hello in the sunny waters again! I show them on Instagram - such happy moments!

One of the best things about July, not mentioning the beach and the flowers, is the Christmas in July idea. Being a gift and gift-wrapping-addict myself, anything mentioning gifts and Christmas feels like magic.

So the shop is celebrating this with a huge sale! Some of the most intricate quilts there are 50% off now to celebrate Christmas in July. See them all in the shop.

All the quilts are made to order. It will take approximately 7-10 business day to get a quilt complete.  

Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Flower Garden

June is about flowers! The month of the poppies, the larkspurs, the flowers in the feilds and just next to the roads... It is almost gone and I can kind of make up for this with some May pictures of a lovely iris garden, I think.

So here they are - a great collection of irises:

the iris garden

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Something Red - Lace and Cotton Lingerie Set

Adding lingerie to the favorite reds


This is what I am doing today. My first set of red lingerie, on my birthday. It's vivid, but not bold. It is strong, but not harsh and I love it. It is really special because I have a thing with reds. I have always had a dress, a coat, a pair of shoes and a bag in red. Well, and a wallet. No, I do not wear them all together, but I love red. Although is not my favorite colour. It just grows with me and I add something red to my life as it goes.

The colour thing

A couple of years ago /or so/ I bought my first red lipstick. It was the soft red, you can't resist loving - pure red with a hint of white, just enough to soften it and make it delicately shining /and I don't mean glitter or gloss - just the colour/.The lipstick has expired. I have replaced it with another /different shade, different make, next generation etc./, but colours have special life of theirs. I have the same colour on my nails now - just like my first red lipstick.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Waiting for the Summer

It was a busy month and an interesting one too.

I was sewing lingerie - knickers and bras, enjoyed my little flower garden blooming and doing lots and lots of different things in a same day almost every day, including making new patterns. Some are being tested now.

I am still looking for the perfect light to take some /probably hundreds/ of pictures. I will have some great news than.

I have lots of pictures to share too - some traveling, including this lovely garden:

Iris garden visit

I wish I had the time to share them now. So stay tuned for more flowers this week - the garden was lovely!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Favorite Knickers So Far

When I started sewing lingerie last year, the very first tries were free patterns available online. I followed what I learned when I was taught to draw many years ago - you first do simple things and make copies of what you see /still-lives, models, landscapes/ or actual painting and start drawing what you see in you head on a later stage. So I did it with knickers. Bras were completely different story and I will keep it for later. This doesn't mean I left patterns unaltered along the way. I think there is no single one in its original shape - some things just have to be made your way and knickers are obviously such things.

The two main things with knickers/apart from material and details/ is the invisible seams and rims. That is why I quickly transformed the high-waist-ed knickers I loved in cold weather into natural waist rise version. The high-wasted version was one of my first lingerie patterns and great fit but summer is coming. The lack of side seams makes the magic - no visible seams. The beautiful bonus is, two different fabrics can be used. So I mimicked the ones used in the bras, to make matching sets. Ideas are flowing and I don't even sketch them now... Back to sewing tomorrow! I just bough new lighter weight

fabric for the summer knickers.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spring Weddings - Something Blue Wedding Rings Cushion

With May around the corner, it is high time to get ready for a spring wedding with something blue everyone could see.

something blue wedding rings cushion
I am still taking pictures of it. Other colours -  in progress now. Will be in the shop later this week.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lingerie Sewing Time: Lace and Bra Straps Thoughts

With a few completed bras under my belt, I am looking for some variety for my summer projects.

What I found supportive and comfortable in the Marlborough bra, is still a bit too big and too covering for a summer bra, for me. It might be because I used to wear a lot of demi cups and strapless cups before converting to a full cup bra last summer /for a special dress/ and then sewing loads of Marlboroughs, but Marlborough cups feel really extra full this spring. I suppose I will either finish my self-drafted bra soon, or get a new pattern for summer bras to come.

Sewing all my bras

I have stopped buying bras after the first successful bra actually. It was so logical and liberating - a trip to the shop, a few hours by the machine and voila - the perfect fit in the perfect colourway and material. Plus I always have the matching set with undies and undies the way I want them too - maybe even a full range of 3 styles for a bra.

Ready to Wear Bra 

I bought one bra last month though. I just had to. It was not the style, or not even the make, which is flawless as always /I have been wearing this company's bras for almost 20 years/, that made me buy it. It was the lace - I doubt I could get such lace soon. 

So I bought it because of it - four colours lace in soft green with pink roses, lime green leaves and ecru eyelets and leaves. It is a little perfection. All lace bra too. It is a bit more dense than embroidered netting - my favorite summer material, but the lace.... it is exquisite and really rear - French order by a local maker. This bra started the lace on the strap thoughts.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Back to Sewing Knits - New Knickers

It had been a long month with no knits sewing - no undies, no bras... and it accumulated a lot of ideas.
This week was back-to-sewing one and felt good.

Here is the first thing all done now. The picture was taken before the bow. A quick picture by the machine.

April knickers #1

Here it is with bow #1 - it was on hand, but far from what I wanted for them. And here is the finished look.

A few more things are in the making, some of them all done, some partly, some still secret, but great fun. More on them in the next month.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Geranium Love - Princess Alba

Geraniums /pelargoniums/ are very common here - it is the upright and compact kind that have been popular over the last 50 years. Almost every home has at least one of them, or if one doesn't, their neighbors have three of them. Pelganium peltatums /the cascading ones/ are just recent addition and not so typical to the old houses, just modern ones. But the bigger blossomed ones - pelargonium grandiflorum, is something most grannies have had in their houses. They called them lovingly "alba-s". I have now where the name had come but it is lovely.

my first pelarginium grandflorum

Pelargonium grandiflorum /called alba here/

Monday, 13 April 2015

Etsy Talk: Settling of my Etsy Shop Progress Tracking and Thoughts

Here is the Etsy update a month later:

etsy shop setting blog posts - month 2

The story

I tried a few new ideas during these four weeks. I had some Etsy intensive days and some days I had not a single minute for the shop. I tackled my tags a bit, researched different aspects and spent some time taking pictures. The sales are kind of OK and predictable and kind of far too low too. Depends on the point of view. I think it will settle soon.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Linen and Orange on a Fabric Basket

Speaking of fabric baskets, bread baskets, and fabric boxes... this is the one I made today.

fabric bread basket - orange splash on linen

Love the simple crispness in it. It is minimalistic, 3 patches, delicate ribbons and nothing it can live without. It is enough. Nothing less, nothing more.

One of the best things about this perfect balance between necessity and design is the fact, it was all designed by a customer. It started as a sketch, I drew based on the customer's vision of it. And here it is - ready to be used and loved. I do love this part of my work.

This bread basket will be added to the shop later this week with customizable options.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Fabric Bread Baskets Love

A few years ago I found a bread basket looks absolutely fantastic with croissants inside it - I saw a Provence breakfast table, I suppose. However using a fabric bread basket to store little toys, especially finger puppets and little feet socks made me sew some of them. It made play time and finding sock for the little one here so much more beautiful and comfortable.
As you can see, I never take pictures of them with food inside /except the absolutely clean apples/ . I want them all clean /as they are for sale/, but I also love the non-food and organizational function they may perform.
fabreic bread baskets or fabric storaze boxes by Domoshar Studios

I liked them so much,  I made a few for gifts and some custom orders and they have always been liked a lot. It is easy to see why - they are easy to use and even easier to care for or store - no hard parts, no paper inside, no need to iron, just toss in the washer, dry and use or fold and put in a drawer. They look great open and make a lovely mug rug or hot pad. Just tie them open.

I carry the ones on the picture in my shop now. I will be happy to make a custom one or a few for you. They might be delicate in whites and linen, just a hint of colour or a colour explosion - it is up to you.

If you are sewing, you can make some yourself. It is a simple construction and I will be adding a pattern for them to the patterns section of the shop shortly if you need some help.

Happy Monday!

Palm Sunday

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it today!

It is Palm Sunday here today and I am celebrating them both - the Palm Sunday and my name day as my name means larkspur /delphinium/.

light in a gloomy day - Black Sea, Varna, March 2015

I am so happy I survived the week before it. It was stressful time 10 days in a row. It fells like "phew, it is all over now". I planned a couple of hours replanting my pots today and preparing the balcony for the summer. It will happen some other day. I will draw some other day and lots of things got scheduled for the same "precise"period - some other day. I still have the big 70 litres /154 lb/ bag of potting material here. It is insane how big it is actually, but I am sure it will be well used on my tiny balcony.

The holiday was the light in a dark period for me just like the one on the picture /see more about it below/.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

10 Days of March Multitasking - off the Blog, on Instagram

Here I am back on the blog after some busy and interesting days. I spent time doing various things -  pattern drafting, preparing for sewing new clothes, painting, teaching and getting new products for the shop ready. I sources some new materials and have not had time to make swatches yet.

I sometimes wonder how interesting life woul be with an hour more every day. But it is not so we have to do somehow with what we have, right?

My orchids blowing on Instagram while I am off the blog

You can see some little peaks what was going on on my Instagram page. It was way too quite there lately too. I choose omitting some daily tasks to keep a better focus of all the extravaganza around. With a new project starting this week, I suppose I will be more and more on Instagram and less on the blog for a week or so. Come and see the insights on Instagram

How is your March going? How do you come with projects interaction and the "small" days?

PS This is the same orchid that was growing buds a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Polka Dots Knickers - Lace, Mesh and Dots!

This is the second print I bough especially for lingerie last summer /the first being bolder/. I loved the deep red and the miniature dots. I cut it the very moment my high-waist panties were tweaked enough to use a favorite fabric. They turned great. You can see a bit of them here.  I kept a little piece for a matching bra, and the remaining bits turned into a few knickers.

Polka dot knickers - jersey, mesh and lace
I think I will not be able to make the bra this winter, maybe late spring... but the knickers are just lovely I think - the dot are so cheerful! This is a tweaked version of these knickers. They sit just below waist line and have medium coverage on the back, yet a nice open front leg opening that does not cover the upper leg. Oh, and the 3 bows! It was a the polka dots mojo effect and I like it. :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spring Flowers Update - Yellow Hyacinth and a Pink Rose

It is orchid month here. I also have a hyacinth and a rose flowering, while the cyclamens keep on flowering too.

cyclamen, hyacinth and orchid flowering

March 8th is an interesting day in my country - some love it and celebrate it, some /almost/ hate it or ignore it. In my family it has always been flowers day. With the flowers flooding all the shops and the day in Sunday, I used the Saturday, which was a gloomy day, to visit as many shops as possible and enjoy the colours and petals everywhere.

My flower collection grew with a rose and hyacinth - a yellow one. I love the gentle combo the pinks and yellows produced... It has  second flower stem now.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Etsy Talk: Reopening my Etsy Shop Progress Tracking and Thoughts

Mentioning a lovely Etsy team, I might continue the Etsy theme on the blog in a more business related point of view as I am trying to get my shop on and operating for a few months now. Tracking the progress and writing down current thoughts might be a way to have the shop working sooner and better.

So here is the progress and story - after a couple years of a long vacation, I sporadically listed a few items and got a surprise sale last August. By "surprise" I mean, I put no special marketing or social media, nor even search engine optimization or networking effort at all. I had less than pleasing views and hearts, etc. Yet I had a sale!

Etsy Talks - Setting a shop on Etsy - March 2015
The reopening of the shop had been just planned a few months before the sale. The real job getting it running started right after the big changes on Etsy last autumn. Great moment to do it, isn't it? Everyone was complaining, I was unsure how it might affect a non-established shop like mine - whether it would be sinking more or less as I had no level to compare with... I was getting more and more countable progress and it had no effect.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Lingerie Sketches on the Table

Lacy knickers plans on paper
Lately when not sewing or matching lingerie materials, I draw lingerie. It is kind of addictive and am always matching something - fabric, findings, threads, knickers and bras sometimes...

I have made few of the one son the bottom, one on the second - all lace style already, and just planning the ones on the sketch on the top.

The next decision is which fabric to cut first and I just bough a few more fabrics today... whicj makes decision making even more exciting.

I tend to think of lingerie making the patchwork way - colorway, palette, texture...  I think it is late quilting effect. LOL

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

March Quilts on Quiltsy Cares - Week 1

This place is getting less quilty than lacy lately. I am still taking care for my hand, I hurt last summer and spent most of my sewing time making lingerie now. It feels absolutely great  actually. But I miss the texture and colourful splashes quilts provide. So I am happy to share with you something quilty today and beautiful in both aesthetic and human aspect.

The Etsy team for quilters, I am a member of, is presenting charity quilts of Quiltsy Team members on the team's blog. The quilts are so different and each is accompanied by the story of the quilter and their charity projects.

I made a mosaic of some of the quilts featured in the first week of March. They are all so beautiful - modern or traditional, whimsical or elegant... it is always a pleasure to see them. Visit the blog to see them and the other charity quilts through March.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Watercolours March - Making Up for the Poor Light with Painting

Three years ago I was using my watercolours again. It was a fresh start after maybe 10 years break. I enjoyed them a lot but had to put them on hold a few months later. This March, with the all the unexpeted things around and the cold weather, I picked the watercolours box again, stretched some paper and started with an old draft first /in progress on the picture/. It was an emergency instant gratification relax plan. Too cold for a good walk and too dark for weeks too, so painting will fix them both.

playing with watercolours

I am now looking at the first watercolour of 2015... It is too dark to go on with it now. I just played half an hour with it last night /in the dark hours again/ and I decided to continue in a lighter part of the day. Well, today is gone, so it will wait for tomorrow. I have no idea how many watercolours this painting season will produce. I have to admit, I would keep it in the warmer, lighter part of the years just for the joy of it if I could. Why not?

PS The draft and its progress is nothing exciting obviously. I just decided to complete it, despite all the "problems" in it, for the practice,  the process and the learning in it.  It will get a new better version some day.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Knickers Draft and Version One. And some thoughts on Plans Getting Out of Control

lacy front seld-drafted knickers today

I was on and off both the studio and the blog lately. It was interesting, but a bit off the plan. Again. I have never been too much on the planing side of life. I always allow and enjoy some unexpected fun. With a lot of time off the plans and completely outside the schedules lately, however, I start to think plans are just an anchor to smile at when it is almost out of reach. To keep planning and forget how many things get delayed is sometimes a blessing. I tend to forget this /the out of control parts/ the minute I am out my working hours. I may plan new things on a walk but get very careful not to think over what went wrong on a walk. And I mean the exact "Keep Calm and Carry and Dream On" strategy. It works. And it is essential when you balance between working on orders, creative process, business planning, family and getting some "normal" life in between.

Back to the things happening here. I drafted and sewed a new style of knickers today. This style was on my mind for a week or so and I wanted to play with lace to piece panties for even longer.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mini Doll Bear in Checks for a Little Man

mini bear doll in checks
This is a very special doll for me. I decided to make one for my kid just after the "get seated" moment to make a doll for the stroller. I choose the pattern and fabrics and started sewing. Than the nose part put the project on hold and it was hibernating for a year or more. When I finally finished it, the kid was playing with so many other toys and we had stopped using the stroller so long ago, it was never a play doll. It was a hugging doll instead.

So when I was thinking what to give a little man this winter, I tough of this bear again, as I know how hug-gable it could be, despite the size and shape. And here it came. checks again and a bit stronger colours too. I hope it will be loved a lot.

The #1 bear is still loved.I have a few bear dolls cut and semi assembled, I think I need to finished them all.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Marlborough Bra Again - Same Fabric, New Changes for Better Fit

I have sewn four Marlborough bras in a couple of months right after getting the Orange Lingerie bra pattern. Skipping the first off size one, it is three good and wearable bras that get used frequently. All of them feature different finishes on some parts and I am happy with each variation. Now as I have a few more cut, I though I would better show you the forth bra sewn long time ago - autumn 2014 - and share a few quick changes that might improve the fit in some cases, I think /sewing and adding air quicker by eliminating linings, keeping straps on the shoulders by adding lace and bringing the closure higher by mere doubling it/ .

Monday, 23 February 2015

Fuchsia Love - Lingerie in Pink and Fuchsia in February

I was surrounded but fuchsia fabrics, laces and threads last week and I managed to bring some more fuchsia things home today. I am not really a pink girl, but i definitely adore colour and fuchsia is an adorable colour for sure. So while I am waiting for the pale elegant fabrics I saved for the spring and the vivid, vibrant ones I accumulating for the summer, hot pink and fuchsia bridge the seasons here. I doubt fuchsia or red could be too much ever. The energy, the joke and smile they bring are so refreshing.

sewing fuchsia undies, low rise knickers sewing

Monday, 9 February 2015

Sunday Stash on a Monday - Red in Checks and Wine Lace

I just can't stand its beauty, so here it is - some lingerie-to-be in a single-piece-fabric form
I fell in love with these little squares the moment I saw them. I love the versatility they have - traditional or modern, crisp or cheerful - they can match every style you want them to.

Red checks cotton tricot and matching wine lace for next lingerie project

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fabrics of All Sorts... Quilty and Lingerie

This week I was palying with soft and vivid colours - cotton wovens for patchwork and cotton knits for lingerie.

I took a quick picture, of Friday orders - the fat quarter bundles in it are named Spring Flowers and Hyacinths. The snow we just saw on Saturday morning /it was quickly almost all gone in a few hours/ was a gift in a snow-less, yet, winter. But I am waiting for the flowers spring will bring and counting orchids buds every week.

Friday, 6 February 2015

January Flowers - Hibiscus Flowers

Flowers made my lingerie days in January even brighter. A hibiscus flowered in January for the first time from many years. This one is really special as they are two. It is a combo pot - soft orange and deep red ones share the same pot. I noticed this in the shop and just had to buy them. This happened 4 years ago. I kept it really snug in this very pot it received day I brought it home for the whole time and it flowers every summer on the balcony. But it usually skips winters in its flowering schedule.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Skipping posts and piling sketches

I was busy, busy with my lingerie obsession lately. So busy I could hardly sleep long enough. What I really love about this new madness of mine is the beauty in every detail.  All the fabrics that came home with me, all the lace that occupaied my table... all the ribbons... they are so delicate.

Yesterday I decided it was high time my sketches got a more refined look and new sketches were done. It was hard to limit the number really, but I have a long list of things to get done by the end of this business week, so it was achieved somehow.

I was drawing the ones I have sewn already first. I have to admit the table cloth and the early flowers made it all in all fantastic experience. I draw them on the table just after lunch on a special and sunny day.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Sunday Stash: Cotton Tricot for Lingerie

It is Monday again and here they are -  the latest additions to the stash:

new fabrics for sewing lingerie here

I usually keep lingerie fabrics out of the count. It is safer this way. I would have written much longer post if I mentioned all the lingerie fabrics that came here lately.

However these ones are just tiny bits. They might be tests only, might be mine, or might be reordered for further sewing making even more lingerie... who knows....

I liked the texture on the black one and the tweed effect on the romantic floral one. I was buying something else, these were just bonus pieces not included in the "buy"list. Both are cotton and stretchy.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

January sea - Waves Between Lingerie Making Sessions

January was a lingerie month for me. Lots of lingerie related things going on here. And a month of fogs, rains and a huge palette of blues too. Each weekend was so different - chills and frost;serene sun and crisp colours;fogs and fogs with silver light and soft edges; waives, rain and all the shades of blue... So I am documenting the lovely palettes here, starting with this weekend.

Yesterday by the sea looking so calm with the waves "hidden"below:

 And so powerful when they were not! It was beautiful!

A Weekly Update: Lingerie Drafting

A week of lingerie drafting. This one was line this. The one no-posts week here was absolutely outside the plan. The plan was different - daily posts. The reality was daily lingerie drafting, some walks, some baking, some sewing and more lingerie drafting. I spent hours and hours everyday doing this very thing - preparing lingerie pattern pieces.

Last week I finished sewing these ones and went on drafting more styles this week.

mesh and lace sides cotton panties in reds

Monday, 26 January 2015

Sunday Stash /on a Monday again/ - Denim and Cotton Velvet

The latest additions to my denim stash, enterred the collection last week.
new denim /and alikes - velvet/ additon to my stash

I love the blues, and the fades, the "washes" the wearing adds to denim fabric. Sewing denim and jeans is a relatively new love of mine. It suffers my lingerie obsession now but I will be back on heavy fabric sewing in a month or so to get ready for spring here.

The bottom one is the soft cotton velvet I sewed a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to get enough of it.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Drawing Lingerie - Panties Styles and Progress

That is what I do a lot lately. Drawings, drafting, redrafting and redrawing... I have tried some styles and I think I have my favorites already. The "try this too" list is growing too, so I had some time drawing yesterday.

Here is the drawing with some colour added so the various styles panties I have sewn can be recognized:
Panties styles already sewn
I though of adding colour as a colour book fun. I even made the back of prints a bit lighter.

Drawing helped me realize once again the numerous possibilities of styles and lines mixing. And there is no colour or lace added yet when we count variation. Just leg openings, back and waist cuts make a whole lot of variety!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sewing Cotton Velvet

Do you emember these fabrics? They are both ready and I promised to show them both. So I will do it now. Partly. I think, I have too many lingerie posts here in such a short period. I love it though as it is historically true and because I enjoy it, you know. And I am drawing and sewing even more. Lingerie will be back on the blog tomorrow. Just after I test some of the new fabrics.

So here is the velvet project itself. Crotch seames, as you may expect in torusers and I am affraid, I can not show you more yet.

sewing cotton velvet

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Lace is Going Red!

Last year I bought some red lace while buying black one for a project. It was beautiful and I thought adding  something red would be a beautiful start of my lingerie sewing. So the red ones shown here were sewn. They are still on the wait for a matching bra by the way. Although I cut the lace and everything for it promptly /I was so enthusiastic/, it would be faster if waited for completing the toile first. However with Feb 14th approaching, red seems good for the next project.

So I bought some more reds - lace, Tricot, mesh... all different shades, most are different weights too. 

red lingerie fabrics and laces on my sewing table

I played with some of them today and I hope I will have something finished tomorrow. I have had some of these for a day, so new ideas come every hour or so... Love how they look together:

Lingerie Sewing Time: High Waist Panties Version #3

Here is version three of my self drafted high waist princess seam panties, I mentioned here and here.
They feature contour back and comfy front with a little gathering and structuring seams.

high waist panties for an expecting mum
As you might have already guessed - they are for an expecting mum.

No details and lace here. It was the comfort and shape was interested me at this stage. See front and back bellow.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Sunday Stash: Denim, Wool and Lace

On a Monday again, fabrics for clothes again - denim, wool and lace. I am looking forward to sewing them and just piling for now.

Sunday stash - denim, wool and lace

All impulsive buys, all stashed for now. Bought them last week but they will not see my sewing machine in a couple of week or so. I call "impulsive buy"anything that will not be cut and sewn in a week after purchase. I know what I bought them for, but not when this will happen. Better than keeping it imaginary.

Since it is a Monday already, I am piling this week stash too. It is going really fast... So is my sewing to-do list.

See you tomorrow with the pink reveal from this table.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Side Table Love

Most of my projects start here - on the side table. The fabrics and the notions stop on it first.
Here are the fabrics for the two of the things I did last week. Two colour, two fabrics, some cones and some scissors. The disposable cup extravaganza is one this just "for the next 10 minutes" solutions that last much longer. I like the fact I can see through it and drop it with silently and safely. It lives there now.
the start of a project - two of them here actually

This very start of project is inspiring to me. And it makes things so crisp as a process. Everything is straightforward and easy at this stage, all the options - open.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Spa Shopping Time

Little treasures, I enjoyed yesterday. All different, all important, all bringing joy!

shoping spa otucomes
Spent some spa time yesterday /the practical and business way/: drinking tea with someone special, little shopping time. I brought home the things above - notebooks for my sewing and booking, potato masher and some of my favorite stones lately.