Friday, 23 January 2015

Drawing Lingerie - Panties Styles and Progress

That is what I do a lot lately. Drawings, drafting, redrafting and redrawing... I have tried some styles and I think I have my favorites already. The "try this too" list is growing too, so I had some time drawing yesterday.

Here is the drawing with some colour added so the various styles panties I have sewn can be recognized:
Panties styles already sewn
I though of adding colour as a colour book fun. I even made the back of prints a bit lighter.

Drawing helped me realize once again the numerous possibilities of styles and lines mixing. And there is no colour or lace added yet when we count variation. Just leg openings, back and waist cuts make a whole lot of variety!

I though I will be into the French cut at first. But some of the bikini and even boy shorts cut variations proved to be really comfy.

Well, after a few months of testing styles, I think I will be sewing much more this year. Plus I still have some of these waiting for their matching bras. Oh and there are some not shown here with no bras too. I am playing with the new fabrics now. There are some laces in there and I managed to finish a lacy pair today. I am hooked on both sewing and drawing these...

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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