Thursday, 15 January 2015

Handmade Lingerie Wardrobe!

I have been sewing lingerie for proximately half a year now. If I used an wardrobe for my handmade lingerie, its winter version might look like this - lots of high waist panties with bows:

Or like this actually - adding low rise and Brazilian cut panties and lace to the rod, as it is not only chills and -15C:

I was impressed how many pairs I have produced. Some were folded, some on me, some in the washer and I still could take a picture of so many on hangers...

At the very start of panties sewing I was experimenting and testing. By the end of summer a winter collection was a must and its main goal was to make high waist panties - the ones that keep you warm in a chilly morning outside no matter how low rise your jeans are. Very important if you love to see sunrise by the sea! This one is done.

I drafted and tested two styles and they look and feel good. I just added a third version this week and I think I am done with "big" panties for this winter and heading to spring/summer collection of mine. I am serious calling the "big"- they do look like most of a bodysuit - most of them are reaching the bra line or almost reaching it, depending on bra style too.

The third version is as as special as number three can be. I need to take pictures out of the camera to show you how special it is. Then  spring/summer will be on the table.

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