Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Dear ones, it is New Year! New resolutions, dreams, starts, options, decisions... new adventures, paths and sucess... Wishing lots and loads of all the best in your wish lists!

Mini Tomten Hat - colorwork knitting gift
I am in the enjoy the bank-holidays mood now. Knitting slippers from time to time, sorting documents and organizing papers. No walks in this chilly weather and no sewing yet. I finished a hat for this Christmas - it was a gift - and rediscovered the soothing effects of knitting again. Love colorwork. This is Tomten Hat pattern slightly changed - adding width, subtracting height...

It is so interesting to see how it appears and so rewarding to have it done.I might knit the traditional hat for Christmas knitting this summer for a change... who knows...

Have a lovely 2015!
And come back tomorrow for the next lingerie time post with a December set of mine!

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