Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Holiday News - Instagram and More Lace

I spent the holidays in the real world. The blog was on hold. The shop was on vacation. The virtual world was just picking from Pinterest and Instagram.Yay, new place! The one I visited from time to time during holiday season. Find me there and see some starts there! And new lacy project! I will tell you more on lace after the jump.

Well, evening Instagram pictures are not exactly the best ones, but this is the first lace on Instagram for me!

Live was good off-line. There was no taxes to do, no chills to deal with and I was knitting a hat.

As strange as it is, the hat beginnings are there /on Instagram/ and the finished hat - not.
The finished one got introduced to the recipient on New Year Eve just over Christmas remakes of it.

Now I am back from tax office, enjoying the heating /that was under repair yesterday/, and have a pair of slippers waiting for me and a evening knitting session. So I am kind of keeping the good  routine /with the knitting part/ and appreciate the lack of the not so good / tax/chills/  part.
lace pieces on my table

So now onto the lace! Well, I love it lately and I am posting lingerie things two days in a row. I think it might happen again.  So here is how it all began: I started the plans in May. Have just finished a pair of jeans and though I could just buy a bra and than make one more special to treat myself for a special occasion... I was wrong. A colour or a model right is not an option really. Thus sewing lingerie and buying lace and elastics began /with first pairs appearing in late summer/. Half a dozen bras and panties later, I think 2015 will be a year with lots of lace on my sewing table. And I like it!

I hope I will able to show you all the old staff /2014/ by the end on the month and have some new /2015/ ready in the meantime too. You can see all my lingerie adventures so far here.

I am working on new drafts and see myself drafting on the kitchen table from time to time this week...

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