Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Knitting and Sewing for the Warderobe

It is something new for me. I used to sew almost everyithing in my warderobe many years ago. I used to knit almost all the accessories just after that. I am now knitting some accessories and sewing some clothes.
My old Inga Hat and Inspira Cowl and my new sewing magazine

Bought my first sewing magazine for years last week. Felt good - wrapped in self knitted wools, enjoying the new magazine and drinking tea in a chilly day...
Inga and Inspira make a cozy colourful duo and keep me warm and the magazine... well, I seemed to draft almost everything myself lately, so the magazine will give me some spare time for sure. I can't help modifying my drafts over and over to add something, so with a magazine pattern I thing I will just cut and sew for a change.

I also bought the first wool for the new year last week and I am now organizing charts for it. It will be fair isle again.

First sewing project of 2015 was cut today and second one was cut and completed. I hope I will able to finish #1 this week too. Wool be on the needles in a day, I hope.

Quilting is on hold as I am reorganizing my studio between the little projects.

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