Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lingerie Sewing Time: Second Take on Marlborough Bra

I am starting January with a October sewing project of mine.

My first attempt has the perfect print on it. My second - the perfect fit!
I am very happy with this, as first attempt misfitting was kind of expected, and second attempt misfitting might be too, but it would not be preferable. So here are the good fit Marlborough bra and its height waist panties!
Marlborough bra and high waist panties lingerie set

I did just one major change - went a size down on the band and one up on the cup. If you happen to need the same change, note that with the band change one step down, this means two letters up on a cup size to get the desired one-size-up cup.

Marlborough bra - second take Tricot, mesh and lace

I saw the size I see on most of the ready-made bras, I wear.

I also changed the fabrics. The upper cup is mesh. Same is the back and the rest is fully lined in self fabric -Tricot. The lace is just edging. Again I cut both layers in the same direction, pattern pieces called for.

I had to make some minor adjustments one more time - different width elastics called for different seam allowance. However I left the band seam allowance as it is despite the narrow elastic. I love this look and more important - the support. No wires, again. Initially. I did add wires after a few months. It almost did not change the fit. It did change the support and shaping though. It is almost impossible to get the bridge directly on skin without them.

The colour combo is kind of expected and totally unexpected at the same time - the pink for toiles, the mesh for toiles... both impulsive buys. Then came the beige elastics and closure to match the rest. Thе lace... It was the only one in my stash to match the colours.I love the look though, they are pale and have the modern romantic powder effect together.

Thе panties are my own draft. They fit perfectly and feel good in the chills.

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